WINGS, FREAL LUV, & Almost Quitting?


Hey Everyone! Happy Mid-October!

I can’t believe it’s already half way through my sophomore fall semester, and I can’t believe that just in this past week so much has already happened. I had a dramatic columbus day first of all (it should be called indigenous people’s day tbh), it was probably the worst day of my life. Let’s just say I went to work and then left in the first forty minutes due to  overwhelming stress, after breaking down in front of a customer (Ah just a typical day at Macy’s). It involved a lot of crying, panic attacks, anxiety, and if I was a sim I would probably die from being so furious. However, I somehow made it through that day in one piece. Barely. But I still did.

But anyways after that I spent the next three days contemplating whether or not I should quit, and almost did to be completely honest. Until I talked to my manager, who is literally the sweetest person ever. She talked me off the ledge and is now helping me out with my life because heaven knows I have nothing organized in my life whatsoever. (Shoutout to my failing grades, dysfunctional parents, and withering self-esteem)

But despite that shitty week, WINGS and Freal Luv both dropped at the same time. And that in itself is. Oh my god. THEY WERE BOTH AMAZING!

WINGS just did things to me that I could not understand, like how were they going to follow up Fire, Save Me, and Young Forever? But they did it! It was amazing, and all of them had solo tracks! -weeps uncontrollably- it really got me through the week, like seriously try listening to Awake, Stigma, and Reflection while vulnerable. Cue me crying uncontrollably while hugging my roommate who stares at me confused because I’m usually unsentimental.

I will probably put an album review in a separate blog post, but just know I have been listening to this album for the past -checks calendar- week, exclusively.

FREAL LUV ALSO DROPPED OH MY GOD. I cannot explain how proud I am of Chanyeol, he’s going to make it big. I know it, and I am so happy for him. He deserves all of the opportunities that he is receiving, he is so talented! I am so proud, and the song is such a jam! I can imagine blasting it while driving or clubbing (except I can’t drive, and clubbing stresses me out). But hey dancing to it when it’s blasting in my dorm room is just fine too!

And I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love music, kpop especially, it’s such a weird feeling that many people don’t understand. Like how can you love kpop when you have no idea what they’re saying? Or what the musicians say while in interviews? How can you get invested in something that you just don’t understand?

Well that’s the thing, you don’t have to understand it. I think the music is really nice, and with the help of subtitles and translated lyrics I can figure out what the songs are about and what the artists are saying. But that’s not it. Kpop is something interesting, and unique that I can really invest myself into when things in my life are tough. Something that I can just watch in my room alone, on my phone under my covers.

I can watch Chanyeol live out his dreams, and Jimin smile from his birthday wishes and my day already feels better. Watching them perform because they love to perform, watching them be happy and being happy because out in the world today, there are people that are living out their dreams after experiencing many obstacles. It  reminds me that the world is bigger than the little bubble that I am in, and that one day I can also be someone who is happy living out my dream like they are.

Wow. I’m cheesy. I guess to summarize it, Kpop is both my coping mechanism and my life? Which is why I decided to create this blog and talk about how it infuses into my life. That’s it for the first blog post! I think I wrote a lot. Oppsies.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and remember to stay positive no matter what! You can get through it! Sending everyone happy vibes today! 🙂




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