21st Century Girl, Moon Lovers, & What Even is Sleep?

Hello everyone! Second blog post, thanks to anyone who is reading. 🙂


The Wings Album review is coming! It’s gonna be up sometime within the span of right now to the end of tonight. Before midnight eastern standard time, which might or might not mean 11:59PM tonight. But it’ll be there -winks- .

If you all have visited the home page, video of the week is the 21st Century Girl performance. Why? Because I’m obsessed with it, it’s going to change every Monday from now on, and I’m still trying to figure out a blogging schedule. Posting to a blog and figuring out a schedule and being able to check that off a to do list is oddly satisfying. Yay to organization! But enough about blog logistics…

21st CENTURY GIRL THOUGH. No that’s not it, all of these live performances really.

This comeback is really destroying my life. Literally. I just bought another WINGS album, BigHit really played us with these four different albums huh? I can’t even afford lunch everyday, but WINGS is obviously more important than my deteriorating health. We all die anyways. (Just kidding! Stay positive! :D)

Park Jimin is coming back with a storm this comeback, my little squish that I want to hug forever is actually not just an adorable squish. Like stage presence Jimin is completely different than Chim Chim.

Side note speaking of Jimin, I am about to send him a care package and I’m v excited, I want to get him candy and maybe bath bombs from Lush. However I don’t know if he knows what Bath bombs and are worse case scenario, Taehyung might eat it, yikes. If you all have any ideas for what to put in this care package please help me out here. I’m not used to being this sentimental.

Back to the performances, I think their stylists should be promoted. The outfits for all of the performances look amazing. My favorite outfits have to be Jimin in the first Blood Sweat & Tears comeback stage. His all black and dark gray outfit, his uber tight pants (please, don’t act like you didn’t notice it). Also how boyfriend does Kookie look this comeback? (Well only in 21st Century Girl), his red plaid jacket and his smiling. Don’t even get me started on Taehyung in the white jacket and snapback, Hoseok in his glitter blazers, Rap Mon in his green jacket, and Jin with his pink hair and light tones to compliment that. V NECKS.


MOON LOVERS. Ugh. I am so behind in this drama, but I’ve seen so many spoilers all over twitter, which is all my fault really because I actively click play on these videos instead of just scrolling. But I had to know if Prince Wang Eun died. Can we talk about how he’s grown so much? WHY CAN’T HE JUST BE HAPPY? -sobs- Him and Soondeok just want to open a toy store and live happily ever after! HE AND HAE SOO’S FRIENDSHIP, I don’t know if they reconciled that. But I really want another heart to heart soon because where I left off he told her to turn around every time she sees him.

This drama will end my life. It already has.

Lady Oh </3

Wang Eun </3

Soondeok </3.

I can’t wait to binge the series, and see what happens to everyone. I think that Hae Soo will sacrifice her life, at the very end, and wake up in her own time again. Once she does she’ll probably see everyone in her time, or meet them. I’d cry. Tbh.

That is if I ever want to just start never sleeping, what even is sleep? I have slept about a total of 9 hours in the past two days. I found out an essay I stayed up to 3AM to write was extended, then I procrastinated my consumer diary for marketing class and once again stayed up to about 4AM to do it. After working the whole weekend, and finding little to no time to sleep, or even to sit and read fan fiction. I guess I’m stressed. I guess. BUT I will remain positive, because it could be worse. It can always be worse.

On the bright side, the Aries Moon just rolled in! Good vibes, and positive energy to everyone! Make the most of it, and although times are tough remain enthusiastic and  approach life ready for anything! Because even if things suck now, it surely will pass and there will be times where you’ll be extremely happy! (wow layering the cheese once more).

Bye all! Until next time!



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