Oppsies, I missed my own set deadline, this blog is off to a great start huh? -insert crying laughing emoji face-



I will start by giving the album five stars, which is not because I’m biased (although I am) but it’s because the album itself is amazing. The sound of it, the solo tracks, the group tracks. I have been listening to this album for the past week, and I have regrets. I spend everyday switching favorite songs, and I have come to the realization that I love all of the album. Like every single song.

Let’s start with Boy Meets Evil.


First of all. The title. Who is this evil? Who is this boy? If you can’t tell I am one of the fans caught up in this long drawn out theory of all of the BTS videos. I have been hooked on this theory since the prologue for I Need U and later Run. I literally cannot begin to explain how obsessed I am with this theory and when this intro video came out I was astounded, and at the same time confused. I was proud because, YES HOBI YES, but like I was confused and looking for small details that linked to the theory.

The song itself without the video, is lit the build up is amazing. It is just so powerful, and then the chorus hits and it just becomes really smooth and it’s one of the song you can just jam to, and try to dance to. Because I don’t know about you all but I can’t dance like Hobi (trust me I’ve tried, it didn’t go so well).

Blood Sweat and Tears


Oh my god. This song. This music video. First of all the name is like super touching for me, because it automatically makes me think of the how much effort they put into every comeback. I immediately think hardwork, and armies. They love their armies and want to put a lot of effort to continue impressing them. I love it. I love the title.

The song itself is one of my favorites, I just like the order of how everything was. Suga and Rap Mon starting the rapping, and Jimin/Kookie/Tae taking turns singing the hook then Hobi coming out and taking over the chorus. And correct me if I’m wrong but Hobi has the most lines in the song? I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM! The song is super catchy, and Jimin’s voice in this one (he’s my bias if you can’t tell) is almost angelic, it is very light. My very part is the one near the end at around 3:00 into the song, I also have a thing for build ups/bridges. Tbh.




KOOKIE’S SOLO. Oh my god, this little baby! I love his voice. First of all. I think he has one of the most unique but melodic sounding voices, it’s really nice to listen to. Begin is a really simple but impactful title. It is simple enough that it can be open to interpretation.

At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the song, the begin short film scared the crap out of me. Like scary dropping painting staring into your soul gives off a very eery impression, but like a lot of the songs in this album I didn’t see it going in the direction that it did. The chorus was amazing! It’s a very soft and reminds me of R&B type of song, it is something that you can listen to while sitting in your room and just want to chill and feel good about yourself.






Jimin’s solo is amazing, the nice guitar sound at the beginning already puts me in a mood. That once again I didn’t expect to hear after watching his short film, it is so sensual sounding and at the same time so raw. I feel the emotions of being caught in a lie, the guitar suggests something almost devious and some mischievous actions, and then all of sudden the chorus hits and it’s like clarity. I love this song, hands down. It was my first favorite song, and I had it on repeat for like three days straight.



Another song I didn’t expect to go the way it went, out of all the short films I watched only this one made me cry instantly. So I automatically loved the song, naturally, at least the part that was in the short film. but after listening to the full song, it was up to my standards and better.

Taehyung’s voice is one of my favorites, considering I’m a sucker for deep voices. But I think the song itself, is very raw and emotional. I can feel the song, if that makes sense. I didn’t look up the english translated lyrics but I can feel the emotions that is linked with the songs and melody.

It always reminds me of Taehyung hugging the puppy in the video and crying, I just. I love this song.

First Love


I think this one is the most touching, out of all the theories linked to the other ones. I think this song is the most clear connecting to Yoongi’s personal life. The First Love is the piano (I looked up the lyrics), but you can feel the passion that he feels towards music.

I just think Yoongi is a great rapper, he has a very breathy/raspy/deep rapping voice that I really love, and also he is very easy to read when he raps. How many times am I gonna say I can feel what he’s thinking or singing? A lot.



This song took a lot to grow on me, it was strange at first. I wasn’t used to it, so I wasn’t completely sure whether or not I loved it. I liked it, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, considering I fell in love with the other songs immediately.

But like Namjoon’s English is A1 in this album, after listening to it while doing my homework (I recommend it!) it grew on me, it was really slow at first and then built up. I think (without reading the lyrics) that it starts off kind of child-like, innocent, like recalling a memory, and then the chorus almost breaks away from that sweet/dreamy feeling and becomes more clear. It’s like he was dreaming of being a child, innocent, and happy again but then woke up and realized that the good times are over.



ONCE AGAIN. HOSEOK YESSSSS! I am so proud of him. Oh my god, I wasn’t sure how this was going to go because in the short film, it was just the instrumental and MAMA. So I was really really happy when I heard the rest of the song, it is just so cheerful and upbeat.

Very Hoseok. It is also very catchy, I think it has something to do when the 20s sound during the chorus. Also Hoseok whispering “Hello MAMA” at the end. That did things to me, tbh. It is almost like an interlude, and brief shift in the middle of the album before we have Awake and the more upbeat songs towards the end.



This song always makes me cry, it made me sad in short film and it made me cry when I finally heard it in its entirety on repeat for one whole day. It’s a really good song to listen to snuggling into your covers after a tough day, or if you really need to focus in on your homework.


JIN! A whole song, just Jin’s voice. And I’ll be honest here, I was never to sure of Jin’s voice because he didn’t have to many lines, but he is an amazing singer. I really like his voice, and I think in the future Big Hit should really invest in giving him more lines. I will sing along to the few english lines, despite not being able to sing at all. (Trust me on this)



This is kind of the song that is usually in the background most of the time, the first time I listened to it, I liked it. But  much like Reflection it did not really make an impact on me when I first listened to it. It was just nice to listen to. But after listening to it today at the library while doing my marketing homework, I realized how much I actually liked it.

Everyone’s voices in this is so blissful (is blissful a weird word to use?). I really liked how the melody went. For this song, my favorite parts were not the bridge or chorus but rather the build up to the chorus instead. The verses were really nice to listen to, and really light/bubbly. It’s kind of a pick me up song for me and that makes me really happy.

BTS Cypher 4 





I LOVE CYPHER. I think that all of the Cypher’s are wicked good, and I just love it so much. I was so lit for this song, I told everyone I was like Cypher 4 was gonna be on this album, and I was right and I was so excited especially after being obsessed with Cypher 3.

And this came out, and I cried (not literally but yes). I loved it!

I read the english translation because I wanted to hear the disses in this song. And can we talk about how Min Yoongi is a diss god, that is literally so talented. Okay. Overall I loved this song. If you couldn’t tell.

Am I Wrong


Am I Wrong makes me want to clap 800 times at the beginning, Am I Wrong -clap clap clap clap-

Yoongi is so cute in this with his “erryday”, I thought this song was okay, like many other songs it didn’t really make me feel anything when I first heard it. It was just a jam, especially the bridge. It was something new though, it’s a new sound. THAT HIGH NOTE THOUGH.

21st Century Girl



It is so cute, the performance is too cute. I LOVE IT.

Prime Rap Mon, Prime Kookie. Yes. Prime Kookie. Ugh.

Favorite line: “Everybody wanna love you bae, everybody gonna love you bae.” That is all I have for my review for this song.

2! 3!


This song is great, it’s still growing on me but it’s not quite there yet. I read the lyrics and it was really “real” like I could feel the struggle that they go through as kpop idol. It’s not the one I listen to on the daily or while singing in the shower, but it’s a great song still!



Ugh. Wings is also a great song (Wow, I’ve said that a lot for this album). It is just really cheerful, remember when I said MAMA was that shift? I think Wings is a good way to end the album. But is it really over? Why is it an interlude? Anywho,  its a really great song. I really think that they will make a music video for this one, and it’ll be the last one that might end this theory once and for all.


That’s it for my review, all in all this album played me. It’s a great homework album. And my favorite songs in this album are Stigma & 21st Century Girl tbh. Until next time 🙂 ❤ I’m also open for suggestions for albums also! Feel free to message me or tweet me! I am always looking for new groups to stan. So ❤


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