Moon Lovers (Again), Theories, and Halloween

Happy Tuesday everyone! I still haven’t figured out a posting schedule, but I’m getting there. Midterms are over, and all that is left is work. So on my day offs I’d be free to post. 🙂 So yes, I’m working out a posting schedule.


Did you know that making lists and the actual action of crossing something off the list is veery satisfying? (That sounds dorky, I know, but really!)



I’ve caught up on Moon Lovers.

WANG EUN’S DEATH tore my heart out and stomped all over it. Going into it knowing he was going to die made the episode where he and Soondeok finally being close and cute, a billion times harder to watch. I literally sat next to my suite mate Emily sobbing with her. Followed by cry laughing because we were so lame crying and screaming every few minutes.


Opps, my professor might have just caught me not paying attention in class. I am once again writing this blog post in the middle of class. I can’t help but not pay attention, otherwise I would just be sitting in my seat not speaking but just staring at her all class. There’s nothing like being anxious to speak in class, especially since I already feel like I’m surrounded by people who are smarter and more knowledgable than me. But anyways.

Moon Lovers.

I am very upset with the writers, I was catching up on this show and found myself being upset over the course of the five episodes up to the most recent episode. I don’t even know where to start so let me just list all of them and then expand.

The Time Skips.

Now I’m not saying that everything has to go at the same pace, and that there should’t be a time skip because without one this show would go on forever. But there are so many time skips that it creates a bunch of plot holes which annoy me to no end. For example, the time skip when Hae Soo was exiled, when did she and Woo Hee become friends? Or why did we only find out the day that Mu died that he was addicted to Mercury for two years? Another time skip, why is it that even though Wang Eun was mad at Hae Soo to the point that he told her to turn around every time he saw her she had to turn around, that he came to her to hide? Also when was Mu ever married? How did Hae Soo become a court lady? And has Ji Mong always favor Mu?

-insert deep breath here-

Hae Soo.

What happened to the spunky and spirited Hae Soo? The one that beat up Wang Eun, pushed Wang So around, and told Wook that she didn’t need him to help her with anything? Gone.

Now she is more of a supporting character that is the sole person that is driving Wang So’s character development in the show, and she deserves better than that. They’re not even interested in developing her relationships outside of So anymore. She’s cold, static, and hard to support. She is not doing anything and hasn’t for these five episodes that makes me want to root for her, she’s been quiet, submissive, lovey-dovey, and so oblivious. How can she not make the connection that So is probably not Gwangjong, after finding out Wook framed her.


Princess Yeonhwa.

I love to hate her. I love her character solely for the fact that I hate her. In my eyes she has lead to everything that has happened, making Wook evil, being directly involved in Wang Eun’s death. And for what? So? Even if Hae Soo left him alone, he wouldn’t leave her alone. But no, she still had to go and kill her brother. She knew it was going to happen to, it’s like she’s incapable of feeling remorse for what she’s doing. I hope karma comes and bites her on the butt.

-insert an exasperated sigh here and smooth transition here-

Halloween is almost here! I am so excited, I am once again going to be Harley Quinn for Halloween. I love Harley Quinn, so I thought since I loved Suicide Squad. Why not? Although I have two costumes, my other costume is Jimin. Yes, I am going to be Park Jimin for Halloween with Emily (who is going to be V). We’re going to Vmin and send a cute photo into Jimin’s care package.

-pauses mini halloween stories for a brief breaking news moment- JAY PARK’S MV IS OUT AND I’M IN CLASS AND CAN’T WATCH IT -end of breaking news-

Although I’m high key panicking because my package hasn’t arrived with my striped dress. Yesstyle don’t play me. Which I think they did, since I just now checked my tracking info and it’s still in Hong Kong. Boo.

Instead of receiving my halloween costume yesterday, the mailroom delivered me my WINGS album! BigHit really tried to play us this time around huh? Four albums each all different from the other, and the letters are in reverse order!


You played yourself Big Hit! Taehyung is my bias ruiner and Hobi has never had a bad comeback! I also bought N so, Ha. I win.


Anyways, once more I have been looking into the theory behind the BTS videos. I’ve started to read Demian but because I keep accidentally closing it, I keep losing my place, but I’ll finish it eventually. But anyways after watching these theory videos, my suite mates decided to watch Over The Garden Wall, to start off our early celebration for Halloween.

If you haven’t watched Cartoon Network’s Over The Garden Wall. You totally should, it’s cute, deep, and super spooky. It details two brothers who get lost after running from the police and jumping over a wall. They then meet spooky characters while trying to find their way back home.

Anyways so I was watching it, and I don’t know if it’s because BTS distorted my reality but I made so many connections between the BTS videos/theory and Over The Garden Wall even though they have nothing to do with one another.

In one of the episodes, the brothers are trying to scam this wealthy man for money by going under the guise that they are his nephews. He describes the story of how there is a ghost in his extremely large mansion, a beautiful woman, and they walk through his house trying to find her. His house is blue and the same color as the room Jin was in, in his short film. However after passing through that room into (what is later revealed as her extremely large mansion) a hallway and the walls were then pink, light toned, much like the art museum they were in, in blood sweat and tears.

Also the entire show is about holding onto your innocence and not giving up hope, or else you’ll be sucked into darkness and become a shell of what you once were. Further more there are two worlds much like in Demian, one world is one of purity, ignorance, and normality. While the other is one of magic, mystery, and darkness. So the two both share themes in youth, growing up, and the idea of two different worlds both opposing each other and like in Demian it’s separated by a wall. (In Demian the good world and bad world are separated by the door to his house).

And maybe the Beast (in Over the Garden Wall) was formerly a person, that was once good but has let the second world, and adulthood take over their innocence and became what it was?

Just food for thought, it is also very possible I’m going nuts over these theories and making connections that aren’t really supposed to be there. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Namjoon watched this show.

I think I’m gonna end my blog post on a theory rant, yup. Sounds about right. I also probably should write down more things that happen in my life so I can remember to blog about it, I need content.

Now as per usual I’m going to end up my blog post with a sentimental message:

If you’re reading this, and ever feel like you’re stupid for crying over a character of a TV show or movie. Or just crying over any fictional character in general. Remember that they exist for a reason, that we all find our own faults, strengths, weaknesses, and a piece of us in every fictional character we invest in. These characters become a piece of who we are and what our values are, so if they pass away or something bad happens to them, it’s okay to feel upset or be hurt because that is us empathizing with the character we associate with ourselves.

Also characters are not just static, good or bad, they all are very complex and have their own intentions, beliefs, and feelings. So no matter who they are, what show they belong to, and where they stand it’s okay to mourn, love, or hate any fictional being. And I for one, am someone who does all of the following.


Good vibes to everyone! I miss Wang Eun -cries-

Until next time!







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