Work, Yoongi, and Halloween II

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween Weekend everyone!


To start off this post, I have a fun, long story for you. So yesterday night I stayed up watching Black Butler with my suite mates. It was the long arc with Madam Red, and meeting Grell for the first time. There was no way I was going to stop in the middle of that arc. So we all stayed up to three to four in the morning watching Black Butler, and right when I was about to fall asleep. Alas. Cue nosebleed.


I had a nosebleed right when I was about to sleep, hence (HA SUFFOLK PROFESSOR) I had to stay up an extra hour or so, so that I can breathe. Since I was so congested it was hard to fall asleep, and so I stayed up.


I woke up with my first alarm but as usual snoozed, and the set my timer to go off in fifteen minute intervals. I slept through all of them. And when I woke up, the time I woke up was the exact time my shift started and I was late from the moment I woke up.

Now I should be rewarded for getting dressed, looking somewhat decent, and arriving at work at 9:02 AM when I woke up at 8:47 AM. Anyways so I was late.

Wow, I guess that wasn’t all too long after all. Just kidding then!

Speaking of how long my story is and being late to work, ha. See that transition? Genius.


I had another dream the other day, not as weird as the haunted house dream. But still on the same scale. So my suite and I were hungry, so we decided to go Downtown to find a place to eat. The problem is that we didn’t know where to go, and so we stet out to just walk around until we found a place. We somehow bumped into BTS on the way, and although they were all there. I only distinctively remember Yoongi. And that’s because I wanted to go to Sweet Garden (a new salad place), and he said he knew where it was. so we followed him, and he led us to an Ice Cream Parlor (Ben & Jerry’s). Side note, I happen to be lactose intolerant. And he became too lazy to walk to sweet green, so he managed to convince everyone to stay at Ben & Jerry’s instead. Even though I wanted actual food instead of just dessert, furthermore a dessert I can’t eat.



Maybe Yoongi has become my inner conscious and is in my dreams to remind me of who I am and what my priorities are. Maybe he’s there to keep my ego grounded, and to crush my dreams of treating myself once and a while. Thanks am, you’re the realist.

Someone comfort me, because now Gary’s gone from Running Man and it’s just hitting me Monday Couple is never gonna be together in challenges again. And Gary is never going to amuse me with the squid jokes, and the funny “Stress” or straight-foward Gary. Cries. Until next time he guest stars -fingers crossed-

But anyways, did anyone watch the 21st Century Girls Halloween practice video? It is so precious. Literally all of them, but especially Jimin as a cabbage. How he pokes his head in and out of the costume. HE IS SO SQUISHY OH MY GOD.

But here I thought he and I were going to match with Harley Quinn this weekend, god knows I’m still not over V as the Joker years back. -clears throat-

I have a thing for people dressing up as Jokers what can I say -insert picture of my noodle (chanyeol) in his joker costume-

-insert sob-

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT MY PACKAGE ONLY CAME TODAY? Right now as I am writing this post, my package has just arrived in Boston. After I got an text yesterday morning saying it was in New York, from NY to Boston is four hours I could’ve gotten it yesterday and be JIMIN!

Wow this post was rather short I have nothing else to blab on about. So until next time! I’ll surely be updating soon with halloween photos, sim photos, and my jimin costume whenever my striped dress arrives!


Good vibes, and have a wonderful day!




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