Halloween Weekend, Working in Retail, & CBX

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday!


Back at it again (ha) in the middle of my Lit class writing a life post. I have realized that once more I am v stressed but it’s okay because life goes on. Even if I possibly fail, will forever remain broke, and that I am slowly descending into the madness and sadness that is adulthood. -forced smile-

Being a formulaic person as I am I am going to start off with my stress and the slowly trickle into the good news, about Halloween, CBX, and kpop (since kpop is always good tbh).

Halloween is over! But it felt as if I barely even celebrated it, yes I put on my costume for one day and then stayed up odd hours of the night with my suite mates eating candy and attending our annual tradition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show: Full Body Cast. But despite what I did on Saturday for Halloween the other days Saturday, Sunday, and Monday was work during the day and fun afterwards. And that would’ve been okay, had I had more sleep and was conscious for most of it.

Huh, maybe I can’t remember anything from the past week because I have basically been a living zombie. I don’t remember sleeping, and every time I lay down my muscles/body throb as if they all have their own heartbeats. And work would have been fine had it not been that for some odd reason this past two-three days, customers have been nasty. And I mean nasty.

Maybe it’s because I’m not so used to retail yet and I am supposed to develop thick skin about these types of people but it’s scary how people can be so entitled, so gross, and so selfish to the people in my department. I work in the shoe department at Macy’s and I know that we don’t have the greatest reputation in our department, known to always be angry, our customer service isn’t the best. But how can you expect to smile when people treat you like you’re not another human being?

My job is to help you find your shoes, how is it my fault if we don’t have your size anymore? Should I apologize for your shoe size running out? I wasn’t aware that you were the only person out of the hundreds of people that come everyday with that particular shoe size. Our stockroom is  two floors, and although large it’s not like  we carry 200 boxes of one size for each brand in every color. We’re not a warehouse.

And as I mentioned the stock room is quite large, two floors all arranged by heel size, color, and style. Not by brand. So forgive me if I am taking too long in the back trying to find your shoes. It’s doesn’t help that while I’m looking for your shoes, there are at least four other people who I am helping. Not because I wanted to, but because it’s so busy and they are so impatient, much like yourself, that they shoved shoes in my face with a size by the time I made two steps out of the stockroom. Two steps.

I recall one of the customers that yelled me earlier last month, she shouted through the department: “What’s the difference between my money and their money?” I couldn’t respond in person because I am both anxious, and snapping back at a customer is something that seems counterproductive. But if I could answer. I would say nothing.


There is no difference between you and her. But do you think that all sales people just want your money? Do you think we look at you and only see money signs? Yes, we need you to buy things and we want you to for the money but you are a person, and it’s completely valid for you not to buy or shoe or not want to buy things.

At the end of the day, technically I am someone to sell you something for money. But that’s because I have to pay my college loans, my books, my future apartment, for food, for my family, for a variety of different reasons.

Also if there’s no difference between you and her, the argument you shouted at me to my face aggressively should also apply for her. If you were correct, why should I ignore her for you?

Anyways. Usually there are customers who are like her, the problematic customer. One in a few, and other times customers are great. They are a bit tedious, asking for twelve shoes at once, but most of the time they can understand why I’m taking to long, or why there isn’t a shoe in their size. However for the past two-three days all customers have been problematic. All of them.

There’s currently no big sale in our department yet, everyday there are crowds of people that arrive at once and then leave. So the mood shifts from completely busy to completely dead between hours of the shift. And since Macy’s is known for good deals, everyone wants to use coupons or extra deals.

One customer stood in front of the register scrolling through her email for twenty minutes, despite me telling her that clearance shoes are no longer taking coupons. They were already 50% off. I understand that people just want a good deal for their shoes but there is no way you can just go anywhere and buy designer shoes for any less than at least $50. These brands aren’t just any brands, Michael Kors, Alfani, INC, Ralph Lauren, UGGs, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. These are very large brands. If a shoe on clearance was originally 119 dollars and is now 47 dollars? You saved $82 dollars already.

Either way. Coupon or not, if the shoe doesn’t take coupons our register does not simply let us take it off anyways. And even if it did, that is ILLEGAL. So why is it, that you are yelling at us at the register trying to get this deal. It isn’t even like you are have a lively discussion with us trying to understand why, you just yell at us, until a manager comes over and gives you the deal anyways to try and appease you.


I can go on forever about this. I really could. I just wish that people in general could realize that most people don’t like dealing with aggressive people, and that being aggressive will not get you what you want. Rather it’ll make people not want to help you or  react negatively to seeing you in general.

Wow. I ranted for awhile there huh? I’m bitter what can I say? I am not going to apologize for it, although I just wanna go I’m sorry for making you read through my complaints. And by saying I don’t want to apologize for being bitter, makes me think that you might think that I am overly confident and like “YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ME” and be forcing my opinions on you. But you’re probably not thinking that at all.




Halloween otherwise was super duper cool, I went all out this year and it was amazing! I went as Harley again (yes, laugh at me people who think me dressing as her was basic), just so you know I have been Harley for two years in a row now! Original Harley, and  now Suicide Squad Harley. It was a lot of fun, I really like dressing up. Plus I had my own inflatable bat, and colorful pink and blue hair. It was great, and I was happy with how that turned out.

I was asked to be in the Costume Contest for Rocky Horror, but I said no. And probably the way I said it made the other person think I was offended with them asking me, but that’s totally not the case. I just have an intense stage fright. Sorry. -bows-

I took a trillion photos (exaggeration, it was more like one hundred).

Group Halloween Photo!
Me, Emmy as Joker, Sammi as Winter Soldier, and Julio as Julio
Me & Emmy
In Julio’s room, doing a photoshoot

Two out of the hundred I have, tbh. I had so much fun I didn’t want to take off my costume at the end of the night, and I didn’t since I left my makeup on and my hair tied up. The only thing I changed was I put on my PJs.

Other than that, I also went to see La Corsaire with Emmy on Friday! It was super duper cool, I am super bougie I know. I realized once again that I love fine arts and watching it, admiring it, appreciating it. Paintings, ballet, opera, theatre, etc. So me going to a ballet is equivalent to other people my age going to a rave or frat party.

Plus. Pirates in tights, also dressing up all fancy, and tutu’s! This could’ve been my life had it not been for a terrible ankles! To top off that night we went to PF Chang’s which in my feeble college mind is as bougie as it’s going to get. -winks-


CBX! Can someone tell Baekhyun that he’s adorable? Chen’s haircut is a tragedy, let’s be honest here, but his voice is still A1, Xiumin actually having lines and singing! Such a blessing, I’m probably going to an album review soon, since it’s up on spotify. So look forward to that.

Chanyeol probably made fun of it. That noodle would probably come at Baekhyun’s rapping skills, valid, but still. He should’ve done a reaction like he did one for Lay, which was super cute. Especially when he called Lay afterwards and was like WHY WAS YOUR SHIRT OFF? He’s so cute.

How can one go from that, and covering his mouth from swearing to rapping “you loving the size.” ???

EXPLAIN CHANYEOL EXPLAIN. Also I love you, if you’re reading this. Please send me an instagram DM, let’s be friends.

Also updates on everything else, I’m still waiting for my Kookie doll, my “N” version of WINGS, and…


It’s like cool, the fabric wasn’t what I was expecting but it wasn’t like bad. I’ll upload a photo in the near future of Emmy and I as VMIN soon. With the  dancing and all. Also, a plan maybe in the works we might do 21st Century Girls?

As usual I am very ambitious, nothing has changed on that end of my life.

I am also going to try and finish Moon Lovers tonight if not tonight then tomorrow night, because the finale and I watched a preview and almost died once again.

I literally can’t wait for BTS 360 to be subbed and up, I’m going to die. I’m not going to die I’m exaggerating again, maybe excitedly explode is better? Yes. Thats what I meant.

Anyways  I am now in my dress codes class, starving, and sleepy. I’m not allowed to go on any technological things, so catch you all next time!

Just a reminder to anyone reading who might need this, everyone is allowed to have bad days, or bad weeks even. You are a human being, we all are, and you should not feel obligated or feel like walking on a thin ice around other people. Or worry about you snapping at someone when you’re in a bad place. Allow yourself to feel, and allow yourself to be yourself.

The same goes the other way around, if someone is ignoring you or being more quiet or not as social that doesn’t mean that they hate you, or that you did something. Bad days are a thing for everyone, in every culture, around the world. The best part is, that although it seems like the bad day is going to be there forever, you’ll be okay in the near future at some point in your life.

At the end of the day, you’re still breathing, you are still walking, moving, seeing, feeling, and as a human being, a living creature on this world, you exist and for a reason you might not know yet. Everyone has different stories, and yours is just as important and just as valid as the next person’s. Let’s all just empathize with one another and have a wonderful day!

With love, good vibes!

P.S Sorry for the Heavy-ness content of this blog post, it’s been a long two weeks.



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