Election 2016



Just wow.

I am absolutely disgusted with our country. America is a fucking joke, it is so much of a joke that a meme is going be our president. I am going to have to call a sexist pig my president. He is going to be representing my country.

My mom had to escape her own country on a boat, risking getting raped, robbed, and killed to get to this country so that she can live happily, so I can live happily with a proper education and a free life and here I am writing a blog post about the possible end to my human rights because of this man.

I don’t understand, I just don’t. I don’t understand how people can vote for a man like Donald Trump, I really don’t understand. Someone who has sexually harassed women, put them down, threatened people of color, singled out people who are mentally ill, who wants to take away the right to marry the person you love. I just don’t understand how people who vote for him can think that after he wins their lives will continue to be fucking amazing, it will be great. They’ll continue to be able to go home to their families, eat family dinners, go to work, and smile at all of their co-workers, and their lives will be all butterflies and rainbows. Their lives will remain unaffected and they’ll just watch as people of color suffer.

While people are having their families ripped apart because of deportation, where people with mental illnesses are put upon a pedestal being called crazy and thrown into asylums because no one wants to take the effort to understand them, where people cannot love people who they love because their sexual orientation is considered wrong or immoral, where women can’t choose what to do with their bodies, where a woman will always be judged by the way she looks or act rather than how she performs.

I cannot understand how someone can look at him and call us out future president, I don’t want a president who is sexist, I don’t want a president who is racist, I don’t want a president who is ignorant. How can he lead our country to a better change, or to a good state when he silences over 50% of his people, of the country?

People who chose not to vote for Hillary, either by abstaining or voting third party. If Donald Trump wins, you’re also at fault don’t blame it on other people. How can people even let this possibility exist? You thought he wouldn’t be able to do it, but here he is leading and most likely going to win.

Do you know how scary it is? How terrifying it is?

To be a person of color, a woman, with anxiety that he’s going to probably become president? Do you know how scared I am that my mother, my father, and my entire family might be deported because of this election? Do you know how terrifying it is, to know that he’s probably going to win and not knowing what’s in store for your future?

I wish that I was a wealthy white man, because whether or not he wins your life isn’t effected.

Oh but god forbid you care about my life, or the life of every other person that is oppressed in our country.

Yes. Vote for the man that said: “She just wants her ten minutes of fame” when she was speaking about sexual assault.

Yes. Vote for the man that wants to grab that girl by her pussy.

Yes. Vote for the man that relates every single interstices issues with gang violence (and all the gangs are consisting of people of color).

Yes. Vote for the man that refuses to acknowledge Hillary Clinton as her own person, but rather judges her solely on her husband’s actions.

Yes. Vote for the man that encourages people to act violently against other people.

Yes. Vote for the man that wants to deport undocumented immigrants, even if their entire family is here.

Because that’s the man that you want to become president, that’s the man you want to be leading our country, that the man you want to represent our country and reflect our beliefs and ideas.

Because that’s what America is. Racist, Sexist, Ignorant, Violent, and White.

I cannot call him my president, because I don’t believe all of those things. And I don’t think that America is all of those things, I refuse to believe that my mother and many other immigrants came to this country back in the day to wish for that. I refuse to believe that people in our country are as inhumane as this man.

If you can go to bed tonight happily, and content because your life is going to remain unaffected after he becomes president. Good for you, however just keep in mind that while you’re so happy sleeping and so calm and relaxed in your cozy bed. There are people in this country who are terrified and completely devastated that a man who is out to attack them personally is now the most powerful man in this country.

And I just want everyone to know that I refuse to call him my president, and I will never be at that place where I call him my president. I would rather die a slow and torturous death then call him my president. Because he is a fucking asshole, who should not even be considered a person. Much less the leader of our country.



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