Post Election, Tips for Staying Positive, & MEMES!

It’s now post election time in the United States, and as you all might have heard. We elected Donald Trump to be our next President, and if you’ve been reading my blog posts or follow me on twitter you know exactly how I feel about that. However I want this blog post to be happier, more upbeat, and for you to feel good vibes after reading this.


Post Election for me is a sour reality, I want to be able to move on and just try to survive the next four years. But at the same time, I don’t want to accept reality, because that means acknowledging that he’s my president and the president of the country that is supposed to be free, and open to different cultures. I don’t want to support him, I don’t want to acknowledge that he’s the president. He’s a horrible man, who only increases the hate and divides our country even further than it already is. And I don’t want to support anyone who is responsible for people being targeted, uncomfortable, or attacked for just being themselves.

However I think what’s really important right now is, self-care. I believe that we should protest and that we all should try and do what we can to reach the change that we, as Americans, believe we deserve for ourselves and our neighbors. But, there are people who are still coping after this election and many people are not ready to go out, to fight for political change. Many people, such as myself, are still trying to process the results of this election and still have trouble believing the results of this election. So are not ready to go out and protest right away, and that’s okay.

Because coping is different for everyone, different in emotions, different in length, just different. Self-care is the first priority, make sure that you, yourself, feel safe and stable before all else. This election has not only divided our country but many of our families as well.Especially when your political views don’t align with your family’s.

So let’s just understand where everyone is coming from, and continue to protest peacefully for those who want to protest and understand that many people are still in different stages of coping rather than calling them dramatic, or putting down all of their opinions. Let’s not let aggression overpower our love, positivity, and hopes for peace/social equality. Love everyone, as you would love yourself! Let’s try and remain positive, keep our heads held high, be the bigger person and be reassured that many people are also coping as you are. Together, we can get through this as a country, and as a family.

-smooth but happy transition-


What have I been doing to get through this tough time?  Well I’ve been eating, buying, and kpop-ing. I’ve been living a bit more excessively, I’ll admit to that. I, over the past two days have bought three bags of chocolate, forgotten that I had a dining hall and just bought take out everyday, treated myself to more merch, and has spent my paycheck lavishly. I just figured why bother trying to save money, when life is going to end anyways? Which isn’t good kids, don’t be like me. Because you really need that money for things like rent, food, and a future pet bulldog. What even is adult-ing right now?

During this process though I have noticed that things that help me through this tough time, and helps clear my thoughts and keep me positive are more simple than you would think. And I would like to share them with you:

#1: Take a Shower with Empowering Songs Playing in the Background

Take a long ass shower, just let the water relax your muscles and only focus on the water hitting your skin, and the music playing in the background. Just let yourself feel, and you might cry, you might scream, you might feel your breathing increase but just let your emotions explode out of you. Showering is one of the only times you have time to yourself, and one of the only times you are the most vulnerable. And you can leave whenever you want, pick a time when there’s no one in need of the bathroom, when no one’s around, or when you have nothing on your plate that is urgent. To just stand in the shower, with scents of your nice smelling shampoo/soap, and music in the background blasting. Lose yourself in the moment, and let your body take over instead of your mind. You’ll come back to earth once you leave the shower, but for that brief moment underneath the water with your shower playlist playing, you were just existing and releasing the tension in your body without anxious thoughts plaguing your mind.

Note – This song has been a great song to blast in the shower for me lately

#2: Write

Write down all of your emotions, every single one, don’t filter yourself allow yourself to curse, to write for yourself not for an audience. Don’t worry about which family member is going to read what, what employer is going to write what. Just write, a story, a novella, a poem, and song, just write down whatever you’re feeling. It doesn’t have to make sense, because sometimes your brain doesn’t make sense, your thoughts don’t make sense, but that’s okay because even if they don’t make sense they’re valid. Everyone’s thoughts come from who you are and your brain searching for a way to make sense of the things you are experiencing in your life. Sometimes writing even helps you understand yourself better, it gives you a space to map out your thoughts and pinpoint where they’re coming from and once you do that. You can open up a space in your brain for a more positive perspective of the situation. And you don’t even have to post it, you don’t have to share it, it can be saved on your computer or in a journal locked up away until one day you decide to clean up in ten years and stumble upon it.

#3: Lists!

This is all my manager at work who gave me this tool. Lists are amazing, especially when you want to get things done. But it also calms your anxiety, especially when you feel overwhelmed as if you’re not getting anything done. And you have somehow talked yourself into thinking you’re useless, and that it’s hopeless to try and you should just give up. Especially during this time, where self care is extremely important, instead of just putting just schoolwork, homework, work, or mundane adult things on the list. Put things on the list like go out with friends, write a short blog post, smile, buy yourself something nice, take a shower, doodle. Small and fun things that you can physically check off the list, and checking off the list will make you feel better since you are getting stuff done and don’t think about it as this is work and this is play, instead make all of it a must do and prioritize both. One is not more important than the other, and you definitely need to do both rather than one before the after. One check, after another, and before you know it. You checked off a lot of the list, and not only are you happier but more confident in your own skills/capability.

#4: KPOP VIDEOS…/Videos

Kpop videos have been all that I have invested my time in since the election results, and I regret nothing. I am living through my kpop idols so that I can be happy, and I have no regrets. Do you know how happy it makes me to see Jimin finally happy, in his sweater paws? Or a video compilation of Chanyeol laughing so hard he falls to the floor?  Fandom culture is such a large part of many lives in today’s world, especially with the easier access to social media, and social platforms to share your love and fandoms with the world now. So watch a video, of your favorite youtuber, a music video that makes you happy, an interview that makes you smile. Even a vine compilation, something to distract you and make you laugh when there’s nothing in your life that has humor anymore. Let other people’s positivity fuel your own, and try to laugh more. At first laughing will be weird, and awkward but you’ve got to fake it till you make it. Laugh at everything despite how lame it is, like a dad joke, and from there reclaim your laugh again. Laughing and smiling can be the best thing, and be the thing that your brain needs to recuperate and comeback from the tenseness of the rest of your life bringing it down.


#5: Catch Up With Friends

Talk to those friends you haven’t talked to in forever, as a college student, I have let a lot of friends drift from my life and haven’t really talked to many of them as I made new friends. However in this time of need, we all really need comfort, closure, and to be together. In a time of division, and hatred we need to reassure ourselves that friends and family are still going to be there for us. So catch up with people you haven’t talked to in forever, make plans to go out and eat or just to hang out. Call your best friend at a different college, and cry together, laugh together, joke together, cope together. Doing things together, will not only get you closer to one another but also gives you someone to talk to about things that maybe you can’t tell other people because they might not understand where you’re coming from just yet. Find comfort in your friends, find comfort in people, it might surprise you but you might find yourself sleeping a lot better knowing that at least your friends will support and love you despite all odds.

#6: Read

Reading is such an old person thing Cyndi. I know I know, but like it’s not. Reading is like transporting yourself into a different world, when you’re reading you are literally putting yourself into the narrative. You’re watching a story happen, whether it be a fantasy novel, or understanding a poem in the context of your life. Reading has really really really been essential to me in the past few days. Especially fan fiction, I’m lame I know, but hear this. I have been reading them for a majority of my day, before I go to bed, when I wake up. And I have never been happier, watching and reading my OTP hypothetically in many alternate universes get together. Reading an angst and crying before reaching that happy ending, and feeling my heart burst because happy endings do exist. And even if you don’t believe in happy endings in real life, in this world in the world of literature, books, stories, narratives, fan fiction. Happy endings do exist, and everything wraps up in a nice and cute bow. Let yourself be fooled by the words, the happiness, the peaceful and idle drama and take yourself out of the reality and just let yourself become apart of the story, and that you are going to reach that happy ending too. Because whether or not you have a happy ending in your actual life, you deserve one.


HAHAHA you read it right folks, memes! Memes are great, especially kpop memes (for me). Laughter is really the best medicine, and sharing it is the best part of memes. You get to share memes with your friends and brighten their day. Making someone happy makes me happy. Because who cares if I’m sad, if other people are happy. Everyone deserves to be happy, and instead of letting myself hate them for being happy while I’m upset I’ll be happy for them instead. Letting their happiness be a catalyst for my own. So here are a few memes to keep you happy!

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