Black Friday, 2NE1, & CHANYEOL!

Good Morning Everyone. 🙂
as ya’ll read this post it is going to be just about 12:00AM and I am finally releasing a blogpost during my Thanksgiving break!


First and foremost, the most important thing in this blogpost first.



And if by some freak chance he’s reading this…

I’m calm. I am just a really big fan of yours, I swear I’m not crazy. -twitches-

Just kidding! I take back that twitching! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Happy Birthday to this delightful, now buff, noodle! He has been such a joy to stan, and love unconditionally for the past few years. He’s always so caring, and cheerful for the fans for his members, and he deserves all of the happiness in the world! He is such a goofy, talented, rilakkuma loving loser. AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT. Someone you just want to cuddle forever.  Even me, a very unsentimental and cold person, wants to give him a big, squishy, and very uncharacteristically cheesy hug.

And although when this blog post comes out it’s already not his birthday anymore in Korea, it’s still his birthday in the States! And so happy birthday, and belated birthday all at once!

I love him. I don’t know how many times I can say that, but I do. Like a lot. -weeps-

-happy virus transition-

Anyways! I survived it! I made it out. Dramatic retail worker stories. I have one for you.

So I, like a million others, was scheduled to work on the dreaded day. Black Friday. It was cold first of all and I was early, but thanks to my jacket (that I bought with my own money) I was fine. But what really was the thing bothering me was the fact that it was my first Black Friday shift in retail ever, and I literally wanted to vomit. I could feel my insides wanting to push out everything I had for Thanksgiving hours before the shift started counting down. It was a mixture of what I believe to be indigestion and anxiety, I was inwardly panicking because I hate Black Friday.

I never shopped on that dreaded day simply for the fact that it was crowded, and people were crazy.

And let me tell you. I was right.

The employees were allowed in at 12:00 AM on the dot, while as the people were to be let in at 12:30, so we had thirty minutes to open the registers and prepare for the storm. And it was nerve wracking, the floor was clean, and everyone looked at each other wishing one another luck and taking photos of everything before it was too much chaos to do so.

And then the clock hit 12:30, the store manager over the intercom announced the doors opening. And I kid you not, if you thought the customers in the Macy’s shoe department were crazy on a daily basis, you have seen nothing yet. The first people I saw were a group of women, eight women and they ran up the escalator as if they were being chased by something with wild panic in their eyes. Eyes widened, and they sprinted towards the north face as if someone was going to snatch it from them before they could reach it. More and more people piled into the department from the escalator, one after another all looking frantic and in a frenzy as if on a life or death mission.

Now. Hear me out on this, it’s Black Friday there are over hundreds of people in this department, trying to find and buy shoes. And only three people selling, no one has time to have those customers who aren’t sure of their shoe size. I understand if sometimes you’re an eight and can fit into eight and a half or seven and a half depending on the brand but there is no way you can be a five in one brand and a ten in the other. And as a sales associate on one of the busiest selling holidays in the country, I have no time to run back and forth and get you a box in every single size from 5-10 and all their half sizes.

Furthermore, I don’t know about other shoe stores but we are based off of commission, Thus, when you ask for shoes from a sales associate, you must stick with that associate for the remainder of your visit in the department. Heavens knows how many people lied and said no one was helping them. You think it’s fun to lie about that? I understand you want your shoe right away, but do you realize that by lying someone got a shoe for you with the belief that that shoe is going to be rung under their number and they are going to the get the sale. They work hard to grab heavy ass boots to deliver to you, only to not get paid for their handwork. And I understand you want them, and you don’t want to miss out. And it might sound greedy. But hey I have a future apartment I have to save up for, a dog I must start supporting soon, driving school, and college loans. And you just want a pair of shoes that are on sale. -throws up hands- That was a problem that I faced on Black Friday, giving shoes to customers and then having them already be my co-worker’s customers and then wasting my time helping someone who I couldn’t help instead of helping people who actually needed help that didn’t already have anyone helping them.

Moving on though, I believe so deeply in the core of my frozen heart that someone took all of the worse customers in the world and shoved them on a bus, then dropped them off at malls during Black Friday to shop. I have never met that many impatient, self-centered, and self-righteous people all at once in my life. People that shop in the shoe department come into our department and think we’re second class citizens, as if we’re servants. You want us to grab shoes for you, and only you at a fast pace and then clean up after you. Because trust me, once in a blue moon will there ever be a customer who cleans up the shoe boxes and leaves them on the chair for you. No. Most of the time and I can say 95% at least, they leave boxes open, the shoes aren’t even in the boxes, and the paper that’s inside the boxes thrown around as if someone wanted to coat the entire floor in tissue paper. Unzipped boots scattered around, unsure if their sample boots or boots to be put away in the stockroom.

Forgive me if I’m wrong when I say this, but Macy carries very high-end shoes. Michael Kors, Coach, INC, Ivanka’s, Cole Haan, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren’s, UGGS etc etc. They are quite expensive and well known brands, why is it that people are throwing around and man handling these two hundred to three hundred dollar shoes?

So basically at the end of the day, what’s the worse part of my job?

The self-entitled customers. I can’t even subtweet them cause they’re too self-righteous to know that they’re a problem.

Black Friday ended for me at the bright and early time of ten, and what did I do after? Take a shower and then a much deserved six hour nap. End of story.

-insert another transition- TBH I’m just lazy to find away to smoothly transition with words, so I put these lazy inserts in. -forced ugly wink-

2NE1 disbanded! -cries-

I didn’t stan them as hard as I know many people do, but they were one of the first girl groups I got into. It was SNSD, 2NE1, 2PM, Super Junior, and SHINee. And now it’s all gone! Thank you 2NE1 for all of the wonderful songs, and comebacks you’ve released and all of the handwork that goes into every music video, dance practice, song, and live performances. Every concert.Every variety show appearance. The members really deserve all the appreciation and support from everyone in their future endeavors! I hope Dara & Bom find success in their future, and CL continues to slay those US Charts alongside BTS, EXO, and PSY. I hope Minzy will continue her new musical career! #ThankYou2NE1

Also Taehyun :(. Another group I didn’t stan too hard but if anyone knows how hard it is to see a core member of a group leave the group, it’s this EXO-L. Three times of heartbreak, it’s still too soon to talk about for me. -shifts eyes-

Also again, since I just thought of it. Was it Koreaboo or like AllKpop one of those ridiculous sites, tbh. Released an article or rather a post today that said that Tae and Jimin now have matching rings. Couple rings? That’s v cute, like my OTP is so real. -winks- Even if they aren’t dating, platonic soulmates. People who are born and are meant to be together in a friendship! I love them so much!

Wow for an unsentimental person I sure love a lot of people right? (Well technically just all of my biases, and who I ship them with..) I’m gross. But hey everyone needs a little cheese and love in their life (wow count how many times I have said love in this one blog post, it’s probably more than I have ever said in my twenty years of living).

I still have a CBX album review coming up, I haven’t even listened to the full album yet tbh. And I might make one for Mamamoo’s too because Decalcomanie is fire. I love that song, I love that music video. I love Mamamoo. They are perf. Wow there goes that word again. The “L” word. -glares at self- I also am working on that fit rec! 😉

That’s all for now for an update! Talk to you all later, good vibes forever being sent your way! Bye!


P.S If for some odd reason, Chanyeol read/saw this post and read all the way up to this part. I love you, and even if you don’t. We should be best friends, follow me on insta or something. Woot, have a wonderful birthday and know that I’ll forever cheer you on. Even if you don’t know I exist. -weeps-



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