[Challenge #2] The 30 Day Bias List Challenge

Woo! I’m back with another challenge! It’s hard to find these challenges sometimes, so if you have any you can send them right over to me. That’d be wonderfuls. -insert cheesy smile-


So I found the Bias List challenge and I’m going to skip over some days, due to the overlap with the last challenge I did.  🙂

Day 1 – Your Favorite Band/Group

UGH, I’ve been stan-ing so many groups as of late. -cries-

I have been stan-ing EXO since History. At least EXO-K, omg. I will forever love them, I went through great times, and heartbreaking times with them -weeps- BUT I’m recently super duper protective and in love with BTS, they’re just such a happy and talented group that I just want to meet and befriend. AND ALSO, I’ve been recently obsessed with Mamamoo again. After finally watching Decalcomanie -weeps further- Don’t make me choose!

Day 2 – Your bias from your favourite band/group

Okay I got too excited and put three groups as my favorites before seeing that I had to choose a second favorite group. -shifts eyes- So, I’m going to put my EXO & BTS bias here and Mamamoo can be in my Day 3 & 4. 🙂

MY NOODLE HAS BEEN MY LOVE FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG, PARK CHANYEOL IS MY LIFE. -WEEPS IN ALL CAPS- & Jimin came out of nowhere for me, I was so into Taehyung and was just about to make him my bias and then Jimin just hits my bias list like a wrecking ball and here he its at the top alongside my noodle. ❤

Day 3 – Your second favourite band/group



Day 4 – Your bias from your second favourite band/group


SOLAR! Yongsun unnie! -weeps again- she’s such a great leader, and so positive. I love her, I love her voice, I love her personality. -wipes swollen face- I would cry if I met her, and I rarely cry in person.

Day 5 – Your ultimate bias

Enough said. #MyNoodleIsMyLife

Day 6 – The cutest picture of your ultimate bias



Day 7 – Any picture of your ultimate bias

You ask for one, I give you four. -forced ugly wink-

Day 9 – A picture of your ultimate bias smiling

Day 10 – A picture of your ultimate bias that makes you smile

Day 11 – The cutest picture of your ultimate bias

Day 13 – Your favorite photoshoot of your ultimate bias

I love all his shoots, where’s the lie? So I just put one of my favorite looks for him for Day 13. Which were the shoots for Monster & Lotto. ❤

Day 14 – Your First Bias Ever
Before he was THE Jay Park of AOMG, he was my very very very first bias. Ever. In 2PM. Yes, it was those days. I still like him, he’s a problematic fave sometimes but I like him still just not as much as my noodle and many others. But Jaebum was my first fav. 😀
Day 15 – Your Second Ultimate Bias

I put two lets for my second because Jimin is almost at my let, but sometimes my bias wrecker in BTS overwhelms me and as much as I want to concretely love him, he’s not my let in the way that Chanyeol is my ult. But I love him nonetheless. He’s such a squish. However my female ult is definitely Hyuna. She’s is literally living my aesthetic, and she works super hard. I would date her, or be her, is that weird? -coughs- Either way.

Day 16  – A Picture of Your Ultimate Bias Performing
HAHAHAHAHA look at this photo, look how high he is. My noodle an acrobat, I love it.
Day 16 – A Picture of Your Second Ultimate Bias(es)
Wow what a photogenic couple for my second biases they are, I just noticed. Oh my god. THEY LOOK SO GOOD.
Day 17 – Your Top Six Pictures Of Your Bias
Day 20- A cute picture of your second ultimate bias
Day 21- A funny video from one of your biases

Chanyeol trying to catch a chicken is one of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen, there is my favorite chanyeol moment though where on Roommate he bumps into the door and is super clumsy at night. LOL. I relate to that moment but I can’t find a video for it, so. Chanyeol trying to catch a chicken is also life. 😉
Day 22- A cute video from one of your biases
I love VMIN, Jimin is my bias, and Taehyung is my bias ruiner, and thus here it is. I think this is oddly charming and adorable for some reason, and I can’t help but watch it all the time. But like, I have no idea why. Because they’re just dancing but it’s v adorable. ❤
Day 23 -A Random Quote From One of Your Biases
Day 24 – The Hottest Picture of My Bias
-coughs and fans self- let’s move on now.
Day 25- An Old Picture of Your Bias
Day 26- A second picture of your second ultimate bias
Day 28 – The best performance of your favorite band/group
For this one I’m going to go with one for EXO…
And one for BTS…
Was there any hesitation?! I’ve come to be obsessed with 21st Century Girl. Obsessed. Let me tell not you. 😉 ❤
Day 29 – Your favorite interview of one of your biases
Because my noodle is such a conceitedly adorable loser, and he really deserves all the love the world. UGH I JUST WANT TO HUG HIM TIGHTLY AND NEVER LET GO. -weeps-
And with that sentimental note as per usual, I end this challenge -dramatic bow-



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