[Challenge #3] Would You Rather? (BTS Version)

Hello Everyone! I’m doing another challenge, yay content! šŸ™‚


This started off on Youtube when I was suggested a video, which was a Would You Rather about BTS as well, so I decided to look into it with my suite mates and found a tumblr challenge for BTS that I can put it on my blog. You can find the challenge here.

  1. Would you rather disappointĀ Kim SeokjinĀ or break Jung Hoseokā€™s heart?
    I hate disappointing people šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ but HOBI’S HEART!

    I would break Hobi’s heart šŸ˜¦ I’m sorry Hobi, but disappointment by anyone hurts me deeply. -weeps- HOBI AM SORRY, I LOVE YOU AND YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN MYSELF. COUGH SAMMI. šŸ˜‰
  2. Would you rather touch Jiminā€™s abs orĀ re-dye Taehyungā€™s hair?
    I would love to touch Jimin’s hair, because I have no idea how to dye Tae’s hair. And I wouldn’t wanna mess it up tbh. Plus his hair looks so soft!
  3. Would you rather fightĀ JungkookĀ or Yoongi?
    I would fight Yoongi to be honest if it was a physical fight, because I would have no chance to beat Jungkook in a physical battle. He would annihilate me. LOL. However if it was a verbal battle, I would fight Kookie because Yoongi would come at my existence. -cries-
  4. Would you rather tellĀ Jimin heā€™s beautifulĀ or tell Seokjin heā€™s not boring?
    I would rather tell Jimin he’s beautiful because Jimin needs to know that everyone loves him, and he’s one of the most precious person to not only me but a lot of other people ā¤
  5. Would you rather fight Hoseok orĀ Taehyung?
    Hobi, because I would hate fighting with Tae. But really why must we fight at all? LET’S ALL JUST PLAY VIDEO GAMES AND CUDDLE OKAY? VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER.
  6. Would you rather do the pants-off-dance-off withĀ RapmonĀ or Jungkook?
    I had to look up what the pants off dance off was, and if it is what I think it is. I would have to go with RapMon, cause then I have a chance of winning ;).
  7. Would you rather kissĀ HoseokĀ or give Jungkook his first hickeys?
  8. Would you rather punch Jin orĀ YoongiĀ which Kook already did?
    Why is neither not an option?!?! VIOLENCE AGAIN?! I GUESS… I would punch Jin because I already fought Yoongi earlier.
  9. Would you rather take away Yoongiā€™s swag orĀ Namjoonā€™s Jams?
    Darn. Namjoon’s Jams I guess, HA NAMJOON NOW YOU GOT NO JAMS. That’ll teach you to make fun of people with no jams. šŸ˜€
  10. Would you ratherĀ shave Namjoonā€™s headĀ or break Hoseokā€™s cheekbones?
  11. Would you rather party with Rapmon orĀ perform onstage with Jimin?
    Perform with ChimChim ā¤ Especially if he teaches me how to do things cause I suck at everything LOL

  12. Would you rather have Seokjin the mom orĀ Jungkook the fetusĀ find your blog?
    THIS BLOG?!?!!??!!?!? Definitely Jungkook.. And if he ever does see and read this. I don’t really wanna fight you and the hickey thing -cough- well. 
  13. Would you rather have Jikook orĀ NamjinĀ as parents?
    As a VMIN shipper, also someone who loves NamJin, I would go with Namjin. Because I would eat a lot and be fed more than now. And Namjoon would be so proud of everything that I do and give great life advice.
  14. Would you rather be able to ask Jimin orĀ SeokjinĀ anything you want?
    Jimin. No explanation needed.
  15. Would you rather cuddle with Yoongi orĀ spend a day at a carnival with Taehyung?
    TAEGI. HOW CAN I CHOOSE? Well. If there are roller coasters at the carnival then I’d rather cuddle, but if Tae’s just gonna win things for me and we can go on the ferris wheel, that sounds good šŸ™‚
  16. Would you rather take Namjoon to a Kanye West concert or takeĀ Kook to a 1D concert?
    Although I would find it fucking hilarious to see Namjoon at a Kanye West concert. So if someone goes w/him pls record his reaction. But I would go with Kookie to a 1D concert to jam with him.
  17. Would you rather be married to Hoseok orĀ Jungkook?
    Kookie~ I can’t see myself romantically involved with Hoseok at all. Ever. I friend zoned him before I met him? -ponders-
  18. Would you rather haveĀ JiminĀ or Jin as your personal motivator?
    JIMINNIE. Ā He’s so cute, especially when he’s always looking out for all the other members. Hugging Yoongi, hugging Tae, I cry I cry.
  19. Would you rather dance with Hobi orĀ Tae at 5am with your fuzzy socks slipping over the dorm floors?
    THIS IS A SPECIFIC ASS QUESTION. But I would dance with Tae tbh.

Another Challenge done and completed, pls send more more. So I can have more content and attract more traffic, ya’ll reading probably know the struggles. -weeps-


Until next time, love you all! ā¤


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