[Challenge] Day 01: Introduce Yourself


Hello I’m Cindy, or Cyndi. I feel like I already introduced a lot of myself in my about me.. However I can introduce myself again! I guess. I just googled what to include in an introduction, and it was vaguely like one of my marketing assignments. How do I market myself and sell who I am to you? Isn’t it great when  the stuff you learn from your major and from your classes, relate to every day life? 🙂

So let me start again, hello! I’m Cindy, or sometimes I spell it as Cyndi. No reason other than I think the latter looks better, I’m a snob in that sense. I am currently a Sophomore suffering through the end of her first semester, and getting through my finals. I am a marketing communications major, with a minor in business studies. Eventually I want to become someone working in fashion or entertainment industries as a possible talent agent, or someone in PR for the talent, or even a marketer working with designs and the creation of advertisements for magazines. I really like social media and I can tell how powerful it is, both as a millennial and someone that can use it in the future to advertise or communicate with consumers, fans, or customers.

Although those are my more realistic dreams, I also have a dream of one day becoming a wedding planner. Haha I know very strange that someone who hates overly sentimental things like myself wants to do the one thing that is overly romantic and cheesy. However for me, it’s a lot more than just the romance of it that attracts me. I like the idea of having my own boutique, my own practice, and the idea of organizing something and having a wonderful finished product that very well could be considered someone’s dream vision of their wedding event. For many people their wedding day is the one day they have been thinking of forever, they know exactly what it wants to look like, how it is going to play out, and I, the fairy god planner, will be there to make it happen for them.But really where I want to see myself is happily creating things that are well complimented for/by other people whether it be an ad, a publicity event, or a wedding.

And I’ll eventually move into a city apartment, in a loft. With my future pet bulldog, Bobba and maybe a friend or two with enough money to live, and spend without feeling guilty all the time like I do now. That’s where I see myself, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get to this point. Hence my never ending ambition.

On the side of my overall career vision, I am in love with the fine arts. So like dancing, paintings, art galleries, designing, fashion, music, theatre, poetry, etc. I love reading it, I love looking at it, embodying it, listening to it. I think that fine arts is something that is so prevalent  in our lifetime and is often overlooked because it is so small that we don’t really appreciate it until we push our things devices, and other problems aside to truly enjoy it. I think there’s beauty in everything, and the fine arts is just that. It’s expressions of emotions, dreams, and beauty that is created to be admired, critiqued, and to entertain. And truly that is beautiful.

I also love K-POP, if you haven’t noticed. I mean it’s quite obvious. I already mentioned how it began and where I am in the fandom in my about me, but to basically summarize it. K-POP for me isn’t just music. As cheesy as this is going to come off, it’s weird because this isn’t even a kpop thing but a fandom thing. Once you join a fandom, you devote a part of your life to the people you are now supporting. Now their life becomes almost like yours, you really live through them. They are the source for you happiness with every award, album, commercial, success, failure, dating scandal, etc. It’s now apart of your life. So as easy as it is to call your bias just a favorite member that makes you happy, or someone you can see yourself dating or just someone who you think you’ll be happy hanging out with.

My ultimate bias, if you don’t know is Park Chanyeol, is all of that and even more. I not only see him as someone who I’d want to date, marry, or be happy with.He’s someone who I just want to be happy all the time, he’s someone who I almost identify with. I don’t even think it’s even about me. I don’t care if I will get along with him or not, I stan him because he’s talented, positive, sweet, caring, I could go on. I just want him to remain happy, because when he’s happy even if he’s never met me in his entire lifetime that’s enough for me. And I think a lot of fans feel that way towards their biases, and why they are so protective over them.

These idols they start at a young age,  some even before they are a teenager, they practice day and night their voices, their dance practices, their acting. They basically sell away their childhood to market to us, to impress us, to make us happy. They are so sincere, and they are so honest with us as people. They tell us about their insecurities, their issues, their heartbreaks, they are just such nice people to all of their fans. They are more sincere than some of the people that exist in my life. So it’s only natural for me to be overprotective over them, and of course I’m going to be a bit irritated with people who only like them because they look happy all the time, and seem like they will be fun to be around.

So in other words, I’m just a protective overly obsessed fan. And that is another part of my life I devoted so much time to. Wow this has become like a rant, that’s funny. I love ranting sometimes, especially when I get too carried away.

I also love bulldogs, coffee, stripes, and handbags in no particular order. And I have panic disorder which is basically kind of just panicking at the thought of panicking in a place where people can see you panic. Also I have general anxiety, and possibly OCD (but I don’t want to diagnose myself with it) so yeah. But fun facts am I right? -cue awkward laughing- Oh yeah I’m also dramatic, I’m V extra.

That’s it for my intro :).


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