Hands, Personal Challenges!, & Cheering Up

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday to all! And if it isn’t happy, then Happy almost Wednesday! It’s almost the start of a whole new day filled with new adventures and such! 😀


Anyways! I hope all of you had good vibes today, I certainly needed them today. For no particular reason, I’m just feeling a bit glum, you know? Slightly low, but not too low. Just not happy, or excited or anything. It’s been a meh day, in simple terms. Nothing really happened, nothing really exciting or negative. I’m content and restless. Is that a paradox? Thanks to Emmy, I now know that is indeed a paradox. But that’s what I’m feeling, what can I say I’m a human contradiction. -salutes like tae in gif-

Even though I had a meh day I know that the people reading this might have had a completely different emotion lead their day today, so I’m going to be cheesy and give you the same positive rant today except tailor it a little. Today I’m going to focus on the people around you and positive energy. Wow I should be a yoga teacher, except not do yoga because I can’t do yoga. I’m quite impatient and inflexible (physically). Any who, as I stated before with my Wednesday comment at the beginning. Being positive is all about perspective.

I like to think it’s fooling the mind into believing something that you don’t actually believe but once you fool it, you’ll start to feel it. Does that make sense? It’s like naturally, at least for me, we are all taught to look at life realistically and cynically. Always anticipate failure so it won’t hurt, always look for stability in this area or that, and fast or else life will explode in your face, always make sure that you appear this way or that, always make sure that people like you going into the situation thinking they don’t like you. We all in ourselves set ourselves up for the worst, and while that might lighten the blow when it happens, it makes us wary and upset even in situations that should actually be our happiest moments.

Instead of always anticipating failure, don’t anticipate at all. Go into everything thinking no matter what I tried my best, and if you do fail don’t let yourself sit there and ponder over it. Think in the present, well that didn’t work out and continue trying. And surely one day you will get it, no matter it be luck, practice, or skill.

Instead of always looking for stability, embrace the instability in your life. Your life is different than other people’s, and that’s what makes everyone unique from each other. Just think in the present and accept things as they are (and as they come), because if you are constantly in a state of believing in stability then you’ll never be able to adapt to the rest of your life and the different things it throws at you. You will never be stable forever, you will have to shift between instability and stability even through adulthood/towards the end of your life, so if you start to learn how to approach times when things are unstable you can start to learn to adapt to it. And soon the shifts between both stability and instability won’t even be something that you notice.

The way you look or feel about yourself is something that’s tricky, because sometimes you can’t help but feel upset or angry at yourself about situations. I personally struggle with this at great lengths, however, here, I believe that this is where who you hang out with and who you choose to be around really is key.

If you put yourself in a group with very cynical and pessimistic people you too will also find it hard to be the only one who looks at the bright side of things. We tend to try and save things that cannot be saved. We try to be positive and hope to encourage those who are not, however sometimes it just isn’t going to happen.

Some people just are not meant to be in our lives, they are what I call toxic people. Now, don’t get me wrong here someone might be toxic to you but that doesn’t mean they are to other people. It basically just means you guys are not meant to be friends, not meant to be in a  relationship with one another.

You can only do so much and being with a toxic person is straining. You are constantly anticipating them to explode, for them to be angry with you or upset with you, worried or anxious that what you do will hurt their feelings or cause an argument to ensue between the two of you.

A friend is someone who you should be able to talk to, regardless of anything. They are the ones you share happy memories with. If you are a close friend there shouldn’t be any thoughts of self-doubt, no distrust, or maybe this person doesn’t like me, maybe they think I’m this that, etc.

If they are considered a close person, then it should be like the above. There should not be a constant state of tension between the two parties involved. Frequent support sessions, where they want you and expect you to solve their problems for them are unhealthy. At this point if you are in a constant state of tension you are consistently in a state where you are prioritizing their feelings, reactions, actions, and behavior over your own self-care.

Although it is great to be a supportive friend, you should always be supportive, there is only so much you can do. And if the receiving toxic friend is still unsatisfied all the time, then you need to stop trying. They need something more from you, that you cannot give them. They will forever remain unsatisfied. If you try to help them and give them a temporary way out of their own problems by just agreeing with them, instead of cutting it off, you will be in a continuous loop of constant tension.

Once you release that toxic person from your life, moving on is going to be tough. But if there’s one thing I learned from College life right now is that you should associate yourself with people who you want to be like. Be friends with that person that owns a blog, and knows a crap load of fun things. Associate yourself with people that radiate positivity, and look consistently happy. Try to learn from them, and learn what makes you comfortable,  what makes you happy and then start to embody that. Friends are there to help you and pull you up when your down and just want to give up on life, not to make your life more difficult than it already is.

Once you find the right people, you will start to feel that change in your life. You’re able to think more clearly, and able to refocus your energy on yourself. On making yourself happy, on achieving your goals. Remember that you are alive for a reason, to exist and to do things that make you happy until you’re cute and old.

Anyways end of inspirational motivational mode, and into the other stuff. It’s time to cheer up from the sad and somber mood here.




It’s going to be a lit winter, let me tell you. Whatever robot aesthetic this is going to be. Baekhyun’s glowing metallic heart. MORE CHAN.  That’s what I live for honestly, how do I even begin to explain how much he means to me. Ya’ll know already, he’s the love of my life and my noodle -weeps-



-insert my crying wallet-

Update: I am currently playing the Nicki Minaj App and it is 12:07 so HAPPY WEDNESDAY YA’LL! 🙂

I am going to do a personal challenge soon too, for the blog. So I am going to try and post one thing every day, for a thirty day personal challenge. Just going to be an introduction to me type of thing. It’s going to be grossly sentimental and dramatic, but if you’ve read my other blogs up to this one, you probably could already tell. ;D

ALSO. This is what is going to end my post. HANDS.

Let me tell you.

I’ve been obsessed with hands lately and it’s gotten a little out of hand (HAHAHAHA pun intended, I’m a loser). So let me show you all of the beautiful and random photos I’ve been weeping over. So I can share my fascination with you.

Starting with NOODLE ofc.

LOOK AT THOSE VEINS, his hands are so large -cries- and THE WATCH. omg I love when men accessorize their hands, so they accentuate the size of them. That’s phallic right? I think I learned something like that in my dress codes class! UGH -weeps-


SO. Jimin’s hands obviously are not large but like he has  the nicest skin, his hands look so soft and I just want to hold them. He has such cute hands, I just want to never let go. Oh my god. AND THE RINGS. I LOVE THE WAY JIMIN WEARS HIS RINGS. HE IS SO FASHIONABLE AND IT JUST LOOKS UGH.

LAST ONE. I PROMISE BUT TOP HAS VERY MAJESTIC HANDS TOO. -cries uglily- WHY. WHY AM I LIKE THIS? Welp that was a random topic to bring up at the end of this but these idols give me life, and now these idol hands make me feel things.


Anywho, sending you good vibes! I hope you have a better day today! Remember it’s all perspective if you start believing that you can, and you will be happy then one day unconsciously you will be happy! Spread love, not hate. BYE!


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