How I Made My Roommate Stan KPOP

Hello people reading, I’m having a very active blogging day as ya’ll can see. I think this is post number two, but like I’ve been frequently updating this week. I think my productivity is at an all time high. But this is just going be a fun life update, to just introduce my roommate that I mention like every other post. 😉


Let me introduce you to Sammi, my roommate. She’s really a nut.

Samantha :)

Once upon a time, there was a twenty year old girl from New York. She wants to be a writer one day also working as an editor for a big publishing house. She dreams of being able to read through different manuscripts and publish voices that often are left unheard. Especially regarding Bisexuality, Global Warming, and Mental Health issues. She is currently a Junior in school majoring in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. She is an avid fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially James “Buchanan” Barnes & Loki Laufeyson. (Wow talk about a type right?) Her name is Samantha Curran. Or more known as Sammi.

Sammi entered into her Sophomore year unknowing what she was about to be exposed to this year, as she entered into a suite filled with freshmen. All younger than her, and much different than her suite mates from her previous year. She became friends with them and tried to adapt to the new personalities she has met. One of her new suite mates, a very unsentimental and rather amazing person, one day introduced her to a KPOP video. She didn’t know that there was more to the genre than just PSY doing weird things in Gangnam Style. Rather than just one person do weird things, there were theories, choreographies, and very attractive looking men and women. She was overwhelmed at first by all the new music, and new characters she saw. So she didn’t really get into them at first.

She started listening to a couple of songs here and there that were constantly playing in her head, and picked a bias from one of the groups but was not really into the fandom as much.

Then, into her junior year, this year, her amazing suite mate now roommate, reintroduced her into the world of KPOP. Starting with Fantastic Baby.

It blew her mind.

This time more so than before. She found herself extremely drawn to one man in particular, TOP. And then she was gone, one video after another she invested herself into lyrics that she didn’t understand but for some odd reason felt and enjoyed. The MV’s entertained her and kept her in a state of fascination while she watched them.

And then, she watched Fire with a whole new perspective towards the genre. She continued to love and fall more in love with her very first bias, Rap Monster from BTS. Although many people feel drawn to Jungkook first, there was something about Namjoon that made her love him and catch her eye. And after asking her roommate to introduce her to more, all the BTS videos entered into her life. And three songs on her phone became fifty nine songs.

Then, she entered into a crisis.

Boy Meets Evil came out.

It was as if the earth really did shake like in the video, the video was just of J-Hope dancing but for some reason it reached beyond just that for her. It made her think of mental illness, while he was dancing, it was as if he was trying to control something. But he’s struggling. It seems like it’s an evil coming from inside him, so he’s trying to cover it by covering his mouth and contorting to try and stop it. But when he jumps into the colorful world, he is stuck in his inner turmoil. He’s more fluid, free, and less frigid. However because he’s still in the room, and he’s still in one place he is still contained by his emotions, by the turmoil, and by the evil. So by the end when he’s back to the state he was in before without the colors, he found a way to contain it. However it still lives inside of him. He won this battle but there will be many others, and for her that’s what it’s like to live with a mental illness within you. Everyday is a constant battle, and it’s not over but you can still find contentment and happiness in your small victories everyday.

She found herself at a cross roads, between the first love of her life in KPOP and this new budding attraction stunned her. She wanted to change biases, but it was like rejecting someone you love for another person you love. And after thoughtful consideration and watching both videos of  Namjoon and Hoseok.

Only then she could confirm that she loved Hoseok more than Namjoon. But that doesn’t mean that he suddenly dropped to the bottom for her and she ignored him from then on. She remains a fan of Namjoon, as well as the rest of the group and has dedicated her life to supporting everyone equally. She knows that her bias is not set in stone yet, for she has yet to get to know the other members and the current list she has for her BTS favorites will not stay that way.

She found herself researching and watching more videos, not just of music shows but variety shows, interviews, etc. Vines. Especially. Videos that really showed her who these members really are outside of their music stages. And she found herself finding that every single member has their own charms, and she realized that she loved them all. Her bias remained the same for the sole fact that she identified with him in the Boy Meets Evil video, but because now she can feel all the sincerity in the rest of the members she can no longer so easily list all of the members from most to least favorite in BTS anymore.

Especially since Taehyung entered into her life. Taehyung has some how made it from the bottom of her list to being her bias ruiner. However it did take her a long process before he got there, she had to make sure she really loved him sincerely because it wasn’t fair to him if she didn’t. Taehyung is a precious little bean that deserves true and sincere love. He is on the list as one of the many people in the world she would want to keep happy for the rest of her life. Not only does she think he would be fun to hang out with, he seems like someone that genuinely cares for his fans as do the others and really loves his family.

And now Sammi can call herself a KPOP Stan, it’s kind of scary at this point actual

omg bts

And now here she is, trying to assemble her KPOP wall, with twenty JHOPE postcards to put on it and fourteen postcards of other KPOP idols to arrange as well.

I, on the other hand, am also trying to get her into other groups and further destroying her life in the best way possible. :’)

Nowadays she’s taken it into her own hands and have been finding out new stuff on her own. I think it’s wonderful! I think for her KPOP has also become an inspiration, a source of happiness, and just something to pick her up after a hard day. Especially BTS these days, even though she doesn’t understand the lyrics (neither do I) once we look them up, they all really pertain to issues that often relate back to self-care, self-confidence, mental health, getting lost in music, and insecurities.

She even, to my surprise, stayed up with me to odd hours of the  night into morning to watch the MAMA Awards, and collectively cried with me while BTS won Artist of The Year.

Her reactions are v funny, let me tell you. Let’s just say an incident happened with her psych textbook that will not talk about.

Anyways, I love that now she’s also onboard with me on this KPOP fandom. Cause once you’re in, you can never turn back. And now we’re planning on going to see BTS together, and it’ll be super fun. I just appreciate and love how she indulges me in all things KPOP sometimes. ❤ She’s literally the best roommate ever ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m glad I introduced her to something that makes her happy just like I do and that she can find an let in Hoseok like I do in Chan. ❤

^ THIS IS SO SAPPY -dies dramatically due to overly sentimental actions-

You guys should totally follow her blog, it’s less KPOP but a lot of positivity and great tips on how to cheer up, and get through life! Click Here 😉 

That’s it for now, I’ll update with her wall when she’s done 😉



HERE IT IS! LOOK AT HOW FULL IT IS. I’m so proud! -weeps-

Okie dokie! Bye now! Good Vibes! My next roommate chronicles might be for Emmy!




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