J-Hope, For Life, & I’ve Been Suho-ed!

Hello everyone! Merry Sunday! Get it? Merry, because it’s almost Christmas time? Yeah I know I’m hilarious. Thanks for noticing. 😉


Let’s start off this post with me celebrating because… FINALS ARE OVER!

WOOOOOO -coughs because I ran out of breath- OOOO!

That’s right finals are over, and that means I can get through the 800 things I have in my drafts. The album reviews, the personal challenge, the life updates, -cries at the amount of drafts that I have- BUT IT WILL BE UP SOON, -slams fist on desk- I pinky promise it. I’m ambitious I just need a little push sometimes.

This is the intro post to the upcoming like 800, I am not against triple posting or in this case 800x posting, whatever word that would be. So look forward to it? 😀

MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! I am two decades old, and will be an adult officially next year. -cries- WHERE HAS MY YOUTH GONE? One day I’m a struggling preteen and now I am a struggling and broke ass college student. Is it possible to go through a midlife crisis nowhere near the middle of your life? The sad part is I don’t have the money of a middle aged white man, and might never, be able to buy a motorcycle and hip clothes to try and live my life.

Maybe I need a sugar daddy… AHEM. MOVING ON. 🙂


That my readers, is Jung Hoseok. Jung Hoseok is the choreography leader, and happy virus of BTS. He also is a talented rapper, and singer. And possibly one of the sweetest idols who’s groups I’ve stanned. J-Hope’s name is fitting, he is the hope of the group and he is essential to the group’s dynamics. Without him there wouldn’t be a BTS, as the same with all the other members, and you can’t say you stan BTS without loving him as well. He provides positive energy and happiness to not only the fans, but also the members. He hugs Jimin when no one does, he plays with Jungkook whenever he can, he supports Yoongi even when Yoongi pushes him away, he jokes around with Tae when no one is listening to him, he helps Namjoon and Jin whenever the others are not listening to them. He also is always on BTS twitter posting selfies, videos, etc. He loves ARMYs with all of his heart, and how do some of us repay him? By neglecting him and making him feel insecure about himself?

And I understand that he isn’t your bias, he doesn’t have to be. He isn’t mine either. But does that mean that you have to be rude and ask for your bias when he’s generously gracing us with his presence on V-Live? An idol goes on V-Live to connect with his fans, and do some fan service, the live streams are for us to get to know them and for them to basically hang out with us. Why would it be okay for you to constantly ask where Jimin, Jungkook, or Taehyung is when he is trying to hang out with us? Not only does that make him feel not special but also unappreciated.

Like why are you asking for so and so when I am on the camera, and trying to make you happy or what is it about me that’s not enough since you keep asking for other people? Should I even do these lives if all that happens is the fans don’t want to see me, but rather so and so?

Hence his goal for 2017 that he shared with us.

That’s a wake up call, to start opening your eyes and realizing that if you call yourself an army you love them all. Not just one or two people separately. It hurts to think that someone who is always dedicated to making us happy, and actively trying to make everyone so happy and keeping the group together all at once feels like his efforts are useless and that he is unloved compared to the other members.


Also, December 21st is the one year anniversary of 1VERSE, and I, for one, would love a mixtape from Hoseok for 2017. I want it to be his year, as well as BTS’s year. He gave us Boy Meets Evil this year, and that was lit af. So I want him to continue his lit af streak, and give us a mixtape. Do it, because the mixtape. But also do it, because Hoseok deserves more love, and so he can feel how much we love and appreciate him in actuality.


-smooth & happy transition-



I have been weeping since I woke up this morning, every single song speaks to my heart and I don’t even know Korean. I just feel it.

FOR LIFE IS SUCH A NICE SONG, I’ll go through the other songs in my album review.

But For Life is definitely my favorite with Winter Heat in a close second. But For Life is it. It does it for me.

If there was a song that made me cry and feel so many emotions, it’s this one. First of Chanyeol’s vocals, second of all the aesthetic of the MV, third of all the beautiful english from the vocal-line. GIVING YOU MY HEART AND SOUL -sings like dying cat- My favorite part is the breakdown and then Baekhyun singing, “NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO, GIVING YOU MY HEART AND SOUL” and I wrote that in caps not because he was yelling but it was such a lit song that I was yelling that part overtime it came on.

I also dropped money on the album -cries- I love it so much I couldn’t just not, but I really couldn’t afford it. But all well, I did say I was treating myself for my birthday cause I don’t think anyone other than my suite mates got me anything for it. -cough- I’m currently listening to the album while writing this post, well to be honest. Just For Life on repeat, for like the past hour. But it’s whatever.

I WANT A CHANYEOL PHOTOCARD. I have gotten Suho’s for the past two albums, and as much as I appreciate and love Suho. MY NOODLE’S PHOTO CARD THIS TIME IS HIM WITH SNOW APP FILTERS ON THEM. THUS. I must have them especially the dog filter one. -weeps excitedly- (what does that even look like, Cindy?)

Anyways, I love this song. I love this album. I can’t wait to see it live. I can’t. Also hearing this album has put me in a sentimental mood all day. I’ve hugged more than I’ve hugged my entire childhood, also the word love has left my mouth more times than I have expected in the entirety of my life. You can ask my roommate she’s actually quite creeped out to be honest. I would be too. I’m usually really blah, but not that I’m an emotional blah. It’s slightly off-putting. But you can blame EXO for that. -winks-

SPEAKING OF, SAMANTHA CURRAN, my roommate if you didn’t know. SHE DID SOMETHING. She pranked me, by taping 77 Suho photos all over my wall. You can see that whole process on her blog whenever she decides to post all of that up. I’ll link it when it’s up. But moving on, so since she did that I decided to plan out my revenge. First I moved all the Suho’s onto her wall, and then decided that I was going to tape another person all over her wall.

Rock Lee.




So many printer credits wasted, but it’s okay. I’m a marketing major, so like what papers would I have to do. Am I right? -crosses fingers-  I hope I didn’t jinx that.


Any who REVENGE IS SWEET. -maniacal laughter-

Also, she DM’d it to Chanyeol, and he might or might not have seen it. I really wouldn’t know to be honest, but if he somehow saw it and is reading this now. (I always have high hopes) I take back my maniacal laughter, and promise I’m not crazy. Also I love you, and please follow me back on Instagram/talk to me. I’ll DM you my number. -sobs-

That’s it for this post here’s somethings that might be posted in the next few days in surplus:

  • Fic Rec List
  • Challenge – Days 03-30
  • Album Reviews – Hey Mama, Made, Winter Album
  • Life Update – Birthday update

Okay, I love you! (gross) Goodbye! Good vibes! Remember to stay positive and appreciate everyone! 😀



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