I’M ALIVE, Fan Cams, & The Sims!

-crawls out from hole on the ground-

I’M ALIVE! I’m back, I have survived! -slightly evil cackling- I have crawled my way through finals, through holiday season, and my Asian family parties. And my dramatic ass can finally say that I am still alive after everything. AND I can now apologize for disappearing into void, and not updating. BUT I WILL MAKE UP FOR IT TONIGHT!


Another reason for my lack of updates has to do with the fact that my house has the worse wifi I have ever had to endure, it reminds me of the old dial up wifi that I hear so much about. Nothing ever loads, and I can only watch youtube videos up to about 360 on Youtube, no HD, and 360 is only if I’m lucky. Oh Verizon.

But anyways I made it! It’s no longer Christmas, just New Years coming up. And guess which loser is working on New Years, THIS ONE. I don’t even know why we’re open on New Years to be completely honest, but for some reason Macy’s never sleeps and on the day where everyone is out partying, I’ll be in the shoe department dealing with customers who are either drunk, plan to be drunk, or is drinking while trying on shoes. (Just kidding, I hope not pls for my sanity).

BUT AFTER THAT HOLIDAY SEASON IS OVER, and you know what that means? YES! NO MORE HOLIDAY HOURS OR HOLIDAY CUSTOMERS. Ya’ll really are the worse, you don’t clean at all, and is it so hard to put shoes back in the boxes? Whatever. Customers.

Also side note, you know how bad my internet is? Well I’m currently putting on a video in the background for some white noise on Youtube, it it’s at 144p and still isn’t loading. And I’m the only one using the wifi. -slow claps-.

Anyways! -glares at Verizon-

Note: I needed to check my last blogpost to see what I talked about already. -cries- it’s been that long, and my memory isn’t as great as it used to.

I’m literally only twenty, I’m dramatic af. I can’t even drink yet, I already want to lay back and chug some wine while contemplating life.

But like don’t you all find it funny, that in today’s time and age. Where everything is so digital that our digital presences is so important. Like I leave social media or blogging for a few weeks, and to the world I’m basically dead. And all interest that was formerly on my content gone? You know, isn’t it so strange how our identities are so closely linked with our media personas now? Hm.


What have I been doing?

Literally nothing, other than trying to sleep and catching up with Kpop stuffs. Oh Kim Namjoon, AKA Rap Monster, AKA Dad Mon AKA Daddy Joon as Sammi and I refer to him as. Emmy also kind of refers to him as that, but like on the down low. Super low key. But we all know.

He has slipped up my bias list in BTS, he’s a solid number three now. Although the list keeps changing each comeback, my Namjoon feels are through the roof tbh. He almost became my bias tbh. But I’m loyal to VMIN. -crosses fingers-

I’ve been watching fan cams for the majority of my break so far, and shopping. I almost lost my debit card actually, in the process of buying things online. When actually it just fell into a book in my purse. I freaked out, and like freaked my parents out. And yep. Let’s say beds were flipped and tears were shed. Just another day in the life of me. But I’m dramatic so like it wasn’t that big of an ordeal, but to me it was.

I’m still waiting for my Yesstyle clothes, I mean I know it’s going to take 5ever. It has been close to a month and a half now. And my EXO winter album just shipped today. So who knows when I’m going to get that. Also my BTS beanie, and my Kookie Doll. Okay so I treated myself, but like no one got me anything for Christmas or my birthday other than like five select people. So I took matters into my own hands.

But anyways fan cams! I have been obsessed with them for awhile but while sitting at home, while not at work it’s all I invest time on. (That and JKParty).

I love the fan cams because, sometimes the actual performances just cuts at the weirdest parts. I mean I understand that Kookie and Jimin are quite attractive to look at and are quite popular, but HOSEOK IS SINGING. Or like during their hip thrusts, and point chore, you do a pan shot of the audience like I want to know how popular they are. I know how popular they are. Trust me. But anyways, I’m ranting. I love the fancams that shoot the entire group that I can just re-watch and focus on a different member each time.

SBS Gayo Daejun produced the best fancams and performances. Everyone was so wonderful, even groups I don’t really stan or watch that often. The collaborations were FIRE, and the reactions were so cute. Although there weren’t many EXO & BTS interactions, since I’m a sucker for them, it was still pretty cute. The fancams focusing on interactions and idol reactions during performances are so cute. It’s so nice that they all support each other, and everything is just so much love. (Their fans on the other hand, yikes). My favorite reaction cams from the event are BTS reacting to Mamamoo. When Moonbyul shouted out to Rap Mon and his eyes got really big. And BlackPink dancing to FXXK IT.

Other than the fancams I’ve been Simming, remember when I said I bought a load of things for my birthday? Well I bought three expansion packs, and two item packs on top of all the other things. So now my sims are happily updated with a bunch of other things, and I’m obsessed seeing what new things I can do, wear, or experience.

My sim is engaged to Chanyeol (cough), and we live with VMIN, and Julio (a sim based off of my actual suite mate Julio).

Chan, is a detective and recently cheated on my sim with this girl who’s name I forgot but she had like a fish mask on. And my sim almost died from being too angry. (SIMS CAN DIE FROM A CARDIAC ARREST LIKE THAT). Anyways this was right after my sim consulted an old romance guru lady at this festival that said that something bad might happen soon. -shifts eyes- Meanwhile my sims got promoted and after she got over her anger everything is pretty okay.

VMIN is a joy to play with, except they both look exactly alike. I just downloaded one from the gallery from people who already made them. Unfortunately they have the same hair cut, PJs, and somewhat hair color. V’s hair is red, and Jimin’s is Orange Red. Their PJs are just their briefs, so I get confused who is who when I’m trying to send them off to work or clean. Also, Jimin goes to work (as a doctor) flirty 100% of the time. Usually when you try to get Sims to like each other, they are uncomfortable or tense because they don’t want to enter into the budding romance phase. But VMIN got together within the next hour, and then engaged the next day. But because they literally are all over each other all the time, Jimin goes to work flirty and is mainly always flirty. Due to that he’s forever wanting to hook up with other sims. Meanwhile Tae spends most of his time walking around the apartment without clothes on, just his briefs.

Then Julio is a politician, but spends most of the time arguing his cause and fighting the power instead. He’s a loner, and has his own room that’s locked at all times for everyone except for himself, and when he’s not writing his books. (So far it’s children’s books, and his first book being titled Something Light. A story about the false childhood facade of life as we know it to be). He spends time watching different movies, until the rest of the apartment gets home. Then he goes into his room to nap, or play Sims forever instead.

BTS is a club in my game, and it’s exclusive to only the members. Joonie is the leader, and is our neighbor. He rooms with Yoongi, in this really tragic apartment that has their TV on suitcases and has pipes all over the place. Yoongi and my sim are in a non-sentimentalism, spirit animals club where all we do are watch movies and sleep. We’re going to be best friends, I know it. The club frowns upon hugging when we are gathered together.

And across the hall from them and next to us, is Emmy & Sammi. They live with their husband/wife. Emmy is with Lisa (Lalisa from Black Pink) & Sammi is with Hobi. The irony being that their apartment complex is haunted, and Hobi gets scared quite often.

And for some odd reason they are never in their apartment. Rather they spend most of their time in the hallway. Mostly taking out the trash, and leaving notes on the bulletin board. Or just being really sad or angry out in the hall where we all can see them.

Hobi is actually much closer to Emmy than Sammi, and Sammi is only really friends with Julio. But not really because they don’t share political views, in fact they almost fought in his apartment.

And that’s all that’s in the game for now, I haven’t decided where to put the rest yet. Already it’s too much drama tbh. Just wait until there starts to be children. I just want to experiment with the city living pack first, and from there we can expand into other things later. Like there’s a spa, and my sim owns her own retail place. (Running a retail place is almost as hard as working in one in real life tbh, customers are gross even in the game).

But anyways, sorry if you don’t care for my sims. I just find them so entertaining, that I had to share it with someone. AKA the readers of this blog.

But anyways…

I’m going to get through all of the posts I have in my drafts, and it’s going to be a looooooong night, but it has to be tonight because if not tonight then not until Wednesday and if I wait that long, I’ll forget again. I know myself, my creativity and productivity comes and goes, and by Wednesday it’ll be gone. For sure.

So yes, more posts to come. Maybe I’m going to finish all of them and then queue them up or something, that sounds like something that might be more efficient than mass posting twenty five posts:

Things that are in my drafts

  • Challenge Day 03 – 30
  • Album Review – MADE, Hey Mama, Winter Album
  • Fic Rec List
  • New Years Post
  • Vines to Cheer You Up!

Things that might happen but really idk

  • MV Cover – FXXK IT
  • Bias List Update

Things that definitely will be up in the future



That’s it, onto the next post! Woooooooooot!
(I hope this energy stays with me throughout the rest of the night -cries-)
Good vibes! Until next time! 🙂



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