[Challenge] Day 04 – What You Ate Today (Err… Last Sunday)

Wow this is awkward, I ate like nothing today. -insert laugh/crying iPhone emoji here- & I am so old I can’t remember what I ate recently. Okay let me try to think of something and try it. 😐


Okay what did I have today?





I got nothing, but in great detail I can explain what I had for my birthday dinner at college a few weeks ago. (Actually was it last week? What? What a slow vacation.. It was Sunday the 18th) So Emmy and Sammi treated me to Bibim, which is this Korean place in Allston. We’ve been there before with my friend from home, but since it’s my birthday I wanted to revisit it! Since the food there is pretty good. The store is off to the side of the street and it’s super quaint. It’s like large enough to hold many people, but also it’s small enough for it to have that home-y feel. It also is nicely decorated with the words welcome and has this brick wall that makes you want to take an artistic selfie in front of. Which I didn’t take a selfie, but either Emmy or Sammi took a photo of me in front of.

Sammi ordered just beef fried dumplings, because she wasn’t hungry. But it came out and it was really hot, I know because I stole one from her, and it tasted really good but very closely almost burnt my tongue. I think there were like five on the plate. The outside was crunchy but it was softer near the middle where the beef was, and the beef was like any other beef. But again it was hot, and I was hungry. And when I’m hungry everything tastes good, but anyways.

Emmy and I got the Kimchi Fried Rice, her the spicy pork, and I got beef. But since it was my birthday and I was feeling soup, I also got a side of soup. I forgot what it was called but it came with noodles in it, and the rice also came with a side of miso soup as well. I always do this thing were I over estimate how hungry I am. Always. So I order too much and I can’t finish anything. My stomach is really small, but my metabolism is fast. So I get full quickly but then in the span of me eating and being full to getting home. I would be hungry again. But sadly here I was in Bibim with a giant bowl of soup with beef in it, and a giant plate of Kimchi fried rice and a small cup of miso soup. -cries-

The Kimchi Fried Rice is really good, if you get the chance to have it. It comes out in a black bowl, that looks like it heats itself, and an egg on top of it. You can eat it anyway really, most people like breaking the egg yolk and mixing it in the rice. But I, being an odd ball, always eats around it. I eat the rice and beef first and slowly pick at the egg. It was really spicy, or I was just a weenie. It’s more likely the latter tbh. But it was spicy and I drank all of my water already, so I kept sipping at my big bowl of soup which was really hot. So the hotness of the soup made the spiciness of the rice worse for my mouth, but it was okay, because it was a good pain. The dish was really good. Of course I didn’t finish, but I made it a goal to finish at least one of the two things I ordered. And since the kimchi fried rice was so filling, I left that to be the boxed item to go home. Instead I tried to drink all of the soup. Which is a killer because the bowl of soup is like the size of my head, and had meat inside of it too. So I tried really hard to finish the entire bowl taking a few moments to stop and rest. While Sammi and Emmy watched me. There were also noodles inside of the soup, the clear ones. And I tried to finish those too.

Eventually I finished the soup and threw the big chunks of beef with my kimchi fried rice and called it a day. And went to buy bubble tea right after that. Winter Melon with bobba. ❤

That’s it for this post! Good vibes! ❤

Eat well, and remember what Seokjin told us. If it tastes good, it has no calories. -snickers-



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