[Challenge] Day 06 – Your Day in Great Detail (really mainly about my Sims & Work)

HA THIS IS EASY, I DO THIS ALL THE TIME! Ow. I wrote that in caps and read it as if I was yelling and gave myself a headache. -sweatdrops-


Ah my day in great detail, I can do this. Unless the entirety of brain repressed everything that happened today, I hope I remember most of it. Yikes. I might not.

Today, is Saturday, New Years Eve, AKA December 31st! And I worked today, but let’s start of with my morning. Well to be honest, I went to bed at like two in the morning yesterday because I just had to check on my Sims. They’re like wicked important to me. Update on that by the way, since we are talking about my day.

Namjoon and I have a dislike bar with one another because he was trying to practice singing at 1:30 AM and I was not having any vocal monster that night. So as an apartment neighbor I went over to complain, and he didn’t apologize so apparently in Sim world that means that you lose some friendship points, and since he and I were not friends yet. We became neighbors that mutually disliked each other.

My sim tried to beat up Chan’s side hoe, and failed four times in a row. But it’s okay because Yoongi beat her up later on my behalf thus it’s now even. Speaking of Yoongi he’s my best friend now, in our spirit animal club we’re really all about the naps and the movies. He keeps shushing me during movies, and I keep talking. Seems like a real life scenario if only we were best friends in reality.

And as for Sam & Emmy’s household, Hobi is not on good terms with anyone in our apartment. Apparently we like hate noise or something because everyone was angry because there was loud noise coming from their apartment. I looked over and there were giant hearts coming from the door and USUALLY hearts in the sims means WooHoo which means sex. SO Julio went over and knocked politely but no one answered or heard him, so he started pounding on the door. To which Hobi of all people steps out in a maid’s dress/costume. INTRIGUING. But anyways they didn’t resolve it peacefully and now everyone isn’t really friends with Hobi in the apartment.

AND BIGGEST NEWS. JIMIN IS PREGNANT! Thus we had to move Julio out to live as a single bachelor, so that VMIN’s children can have a child. I also changed their hairstyles and outfits so they’re recognizable for me now, and I don’t get confused! I’m so excited to see their child/children. I have no idea what to name them but when sims are pregnant it takes forever anyways. -rolls eyes-

ANYWAY moving on from Sims. Today I woke up sick, I was kind of sick last night but it didn’t really hit me until this morning when I woke up. I was both hot and cold a feeling that bothers the crap out of me, and I didn’t want get up at all. (which for the most part is normal) However I had work at 10:30 and I had already snoozed until like 9:00 and my father was going to drive me to work at 9:30. Which meant I had to get my ass up to get ready, I somehow managed to find time to shower. Which probably ended up being a ten minute shower to be honest. But whatever and I left the house grumpy because I wanted sleep and because I had no will to work much less sell on New Years Eve. I was wondering to myself, what kind of person shops on New Years anyways. I understood today’s because people needed dresses and shoes. But like. How many returns is that going to be? Yeah I’m not that positive when I wake up for a schedule, I’m not the nicest person.

So I get to Downtown Boston early, after an excruciatingly long car ride with my father trying to talk to me. He also nagged me and reminded me to eat about twenty eight times (I counted). He kept forgetting he already asked me and told me these things and repeated himself all the way until we got to the store. I snapped at him and he said he just wanted to know and I gave him a stank eye, and got out of the car. I went into Dunkin Donuts after that and ordered a bagel but of course because I was barely awake I ordered everything in scrambled order so I said: “Can I have a cream cheese bagel everything with a small tea iced with sweetner and no lemon?” And the person looked at me if I had three heads. I had to clear my throat and start to ask again but I coughed in between. She understood thankfully, and eventually I was on my way to work.

At the department, it was pretty slow at first so I stayed mostly in the back eating my bagel. Thankfully Jocelyn (bless her), she let me stay in the back and do back of house stuff like running boxes finding tickets, etc. Instead of selling, which is fine for me because I really don’t like selling anyways. Especially this week for some odd reason, customers just come up to me and start yelling immediately. Even the fake MAGIC smile doesn’t work. Or maybe they can sense how fake it is? Maybe. Anyways so I was in the back all day, and Jocelyn bought us sparkling cider and cheese/crackers to celebrate New Years! And it was so cool of her, and it was really good. I chugged a lot of cider, and I probably should’ve mentioned I’m lactose intolerant, but like cheese is mostly okay if I don’t eat a lot.

Anyways, I ate a lot. And had a stomach ache. But it’s okay, it was worth it. It was really good. Worth it. Definitely. At around three it became mad busy, like MAD busy so I started ringing instead of doing back of house stuff and cleaning. Which is like whatever also as long as I’m not selling. So I rang stuff and almost had to deal with an annoying customer. How many times must you tell people that not all things at the store takes coupons, there are exclusions. This woman wanted socks and slippers, and she wanted to use a ten dollar coupon on her slippers which didn’t work. So I gave her a 20% off coupon instead cause I felt bad for her, and then rang up her socks. But she was pissed at me and stormed off after buying her socks (which she extremely discounted down to $2) and refused to take her receipt. Why. Why are people like this. If you ever want to see grown ass women (and I’m talking 35-50 year old women) and occasionally their husbands throw temper tantrums. Come through to our department and grab some popcorn on your way.

After that I went on lunch which was just Sarku at the nearby food court with my coworker. It was just an Eh lunch, I planned to stay as long as I could so that I only had one hour of work left when I came back (because it closed at 6 tonight! Woot!)

Closing was okay, the floor was still a mess. Because certain associates ran out the department without cleaning, but it’s okay because that always happens. But it’s not because really people need to clean up after themselves. After that I went home, and here I am writing blog posts wanting to check on my sims but also wanting to pass tf out after taking another dosage of advil.

The End. 😀

Good vibes to ya’ll and another day down!



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