[Challenge] Day 07 – Your Best (Close) Friend(s)

 This challenge is a toughie. I don’t have a “best friend”. I have several close close friends. And they know who they are(: Okay let’s do this!



I have SO many people I would say are my best friends (or rather close friends). I think instead of having one outshining person, I have a couple of people that stand out from the rest as my go-to, my support system, and the people I think understand me the most out of everyone else in my life. So out of the many, I picked the main three that come to mind immediately and that I appreciate/trust dearly.

And you all know me, trust is a big problem for me. -coughs-

Number one is the one and only Kim! Kim has been my friend for a decade, a literal decade. I’m not sure what date it was that we met and became friends, but it has been a whole ten years.


Kim has been there through all of my shit, and I have a lot of shit. She’s been there for catfish cindy, for emo cindy, for existential crisis cindy, for moody cindy, for hyper cindy, for anxious cindy, and for panicked cindy. All of my moods, my phases, my issues, she has been there and knows everything to the very last details. If there’s anyone that knows me more than myself, it’s this girl.

We met back in fourth grade, but we didn’t really become close close until sixth grade. But in fourth grade, I thought that she was this really really smart, quiet, and studious girl that  kept to herself all the time. I didn’t know if we were going to become friends, but she seemed cool. I think she broke the ice when we were assigned to sit together at lunch, and she made this tissue into a rose. I thought she was a magician, even though it was just origami. She placed it into the middle of the lunch table, and from there we became friends.

We were in this “group” that consisted of me, her, and these two other girls. Eventually we established a stronger friendship through the means of MERMAID MELODY. And for ya’ll that don’t know, Mermaid Melody is an anime in which these colorful mermaids who are also princesses sang to destroy evil underwater forces. Their music puts the evil villains in pain and make them leave, and there were nine(?) of them I think. I don’t even know but yeah we created a friendship around that. We were all assigned a color, and a mermaid. And I remember being miffed because I was the purple one (and I mean I guess purple was my favorite color back then) because she has a more nasally voice. And I was like I WANT TO BE THE BLUE ONE. It really wasn’t that serious. Opps. I’m rambling.

So yeah, mermaid melody.

I would like to say that I was the bad influence on her, she was really someone who listened to the rules a lot. She still kind of is, but I persuaded her into getting an AIM (shoutout to the AOL days), and a Facebook. She broke out of her shell eventually, and it was great. Although back then she was only able to be online for an hour everyday, or whenever she had to leave for bed. But she eventually became more social, and outgoing. And it was great.

Then around fifth grade I started getting crushes. OOOoooOOOOooo.

Kidding! It’s not that serious. I was eleven. Like chill.

But yeah we started talking about who liking who, and who we like. Which is probably because the media that we consumed told us, girls had to talk about things like boys and love. It also taught us that other girls were catty and that it’s hard to get along with all of them, other than your BFFFFFFFFFLs because they might be talking about you behind your back.

Which is one of the reasons why one of the girls in the group and I eventually started to not like each other. Let’s name her Penny. Penny didn’t like me for some reason, and never told me really why. I heard from many other sources that it was because I was annoying, obnoxious or something along those lines. The other girl in the group just distanced herself and threw herself into schoolwork, while Kim stuck with me.  And I think that’s when we got really close.

In sixth grade we spent most of our time together, we sat next to each other in class, and during free time during computer time we sat with each other playing bubble shooter. It was like our go to thing. Kim was also in love with Rate My Drawing at the time and we went on that website too.

Side note: I just tried to find her on RMD, but couldn’t remember what my username was or hers. LMAO.

But as sixth grade came to an end, we all took the ISEE, which is a test to decide whether or not you can go to one of the three exam schools. I picked the same school as Kim, and we both got into it.

Then fast forward into High School we continued our friendship. We almost won the superlative Best Friends. (Lies, we had like four votes). We were inseparable, to the point where we started wearing things in sync. Like I would wear stripes when she did. We wore similar things, spoke the same, and talked about the same thing. Without planning it or anything.

And now. Here we are, COLLEGE. She’s one of those friends where you don’t have to talk to them all the time, but you know that they’re still your close friend, and same vice versa. We go through periods without speaking but when we meet, we speak so freely and it’s like we never left to go to college.


I really appreciate her for being there for me, I know I’m a lot and I know a lot of people who I can think of that cannot understand me or be able to deal with me for such a long time. But ten years, and she still listens to my problems and all of my flaws. She still supports me in whatever I do, and she’s still here. And I think that’s the part that I love the most. I think that I really appreciate that she’s still here for me even though she’s at Brown and I’m at Emerson. And we never talk during college times, and we don’t even talk to a long extent during reunions, however if I need anything or am going through any crisis she will still be there to listen and she will give me objective advice.

-weeps stupidly-  I LOVE YOU KIM!

^ For some reason I thought that would be a good transition into the next person, so I’ll roll with it.

NEXT PERSON IS MY ROOMMATE, SAMANTHA CURRAN. For some odd reason I always have to write out her full name. I call her Samantha sometimes too, ironically, because no one calls her by her full name.

OH MY GOD. I love Sammi. So much that I wrote that OH MY GOD in all caps and read it with Sammi’s screams in my head. Yes. She screams.

Sammi is literally one of the smartest people I have ever met. I think that she is just super intelligent, and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. And sadly I don’t think she sees that sometimes, which makes me sad.

We met last year, the start of my freshmen year. I actually saw her first, and before all my other roommates. As when she moved in, I was on my way to see my parents. So I passed by her, shouted a hello and ran off. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE IMPORTANT CINDY. Yeah I know, but it’s whatever.

She was so cool, she was older than us all by a year. So I looked up to her not like a role model or anything, but as someone who obviously knew more than us about the whole college stuff. I was just transitioning into this new atmosphere and culture, and she was already accustomed to it and used to living smack in the middle of Boston. She was super patient and so genuine every time I asked her for help.

She is like this girl with really cool hair, that is a strong advocate for mental health issues and LGBTQ+ issues. Oh, and she was in love with Tom Hiddleston. Which at the time, with my limited knowledge of him, was LOKI from the AVENGERS. She also screamed a lot, but like not out of like fear or anger or like anything like that but like her screams like pierce through the suite. She screams when she fan girls, when we scare her, when she’s happy, or sometimes makes weird noises that make no sense. Also she has a habit of calling dogs nuggets, and cats chickens. Then putting chicken into every single song we listened to. Which might sound strange to you at first and catch you off guard, but it’s strangely endearing, and trust me, when I’m at home. I miss it. I do.

She had to deal with a kidney stone all semester, and I felt bad because like I suck at comforting people. So like when she threw up, I just asked her if she wanted crackers. Which I mean in my defense is a good question, because crackers help you… right? WHATEVER. I think I was helpful.

I don’t think we were as close first semester, but we were definitely friends. ACTUALLY, she was my date to the Yule Ball at the end of the first semester. It was great, we both can’t really dance. So we just bounced the whole time, but it was still fun. We didn’t actually get super close until second semester when we found ourselves in similar perspectives of a situation. It was weird. I think that second semester definitely made us closer.

So close that we started playfully arguing all the time, and are now roommates.

I can’t even begin to explain how much she means to me and to other people. That was cheesy but it’s true. I think Sammi just wants everyone to be happy all of the time, even the people that she doesn’t like or treats her badly. I think she hides herself away sometimes so that she doesn’t have to inconvenience other people, and refrains from speaking when she knows what she says will hurt other people’s feelings.

She is an advocate for people who wants to have a voice in the world that do not, and she is so hardworking. Like she’s the only one I know that does her homework in advance so that she can chill when deadlines come. The only one.

She also is a strong advocate for mental health issues, she’s so helpful when I approached her about my panic disorder. Being that I had no idea what it was, and what it involved. I didn’t know how to explain how I was feeling, and my thought processes to everything I panicked about. She is amazing at comforting you, and supporting you. And then offering you the help you need. SHE’S SO EMPATHETIC!


She has been there with me through all my crying from the past year, and have talked me through many situations that I found myself in. And I’m just so grateful I have someone like her in my life. Again, I’m so overbearing so like I’m just so thankful she still puts up with me. I’m so dramatic.

Actually, Sammi inspired me to write a blog. She created her own blog, and it was so cool. Like SO COOL. She had a blog and wrote about her mental illness, and her daily life. It was just so amazing that she can just write about herself, her feelings, and everything in her life. And I thought doing this would be so therapeutic! So here I am with this blog.

And now we are still rooming together, and have future plans that involve Korea and BTS. I love it.

I ADORE YOU SAMANTHA. -blows jin like kiss towards her-


^ Again another bad transition.



Emily (or as I call her Emmy) is literally my twin. We share the same thoughts, the same thought process sometimes. We basically agree on a lot of things. Like everything in our lives, it’s almost scary.

We also indulge each other to no end, she indulges me when I want to buy things and I indulge her caffeine addiction. Whoops

I met her like Sammi last year, first semester of Freshmen Year. I believe that Emily and I just hit it off right away, I think we became close really quickly because we’re so similar. It became like almost an automatic thing. Whenever we went out as a suite,  Emmy and I trailed at the back together. Or whenever there was a big party at college, we stuck together or stayed back in our suite together.

Then we bonded through our caffeine addictions. Both she and I must have at least one cup of soda every day or else we go through a headache, or a variety of different illnesses. Like you know that episode of Drake and Josh where Drake stops eating junk food for a bet and started getting hives? Yeah something like that. So we take frequent trips to CVS, The Max, or Walgreens to buy Pibb, Pepsi, Cola to feed our addictions.

She also shares my love for the fine arts! Oh my god, which is great because I love my friends from home but if I took anyone of them (minus Kim) to an art museum or to a ballet. They would either fall asleep, or make memes out of everything. I love that how we share this love for the theater, for ballet, and for paintings. EVEN IF I SEE IT EVERY TIME AT THE MFA IT’S THE SAME.

Emily and I are like two peas in a pod, and I just think she’s great. I think she, like Sammi, doesn’t see that sometime and think that she’s wasting her life away. But I don’t think that at all I think she has a lot of potential, she’s really good at what she does. Whether it be makeup, singing, or performing spoken word. Her poems are so well written. Extremely well written. I can feel the emotion from every single poem she writes, and I’m someone who needs to read poems like twenty times before I can truly understand it.

She’s also a great person, she just wants the best for everyone and a fair chance for others.  I just want her to be happy, thus I indulge in her and make sure she stays positive! I want to see her reach her full potential, and for her to see that she has what it takes.


Wow that was really cheesy, I need to sleep this off before I puke. I love them all but like, I want to punch myself in the face. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to always express your love for someone to show them you appreciate them. It’s the little things. LOL.

For all my friends reading that’s like why am I not here, remember I have you in my thoughts. But if I wrote about every one of you, it would take FOREVER. So I love you regardless. ❤










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