Productivity, Donald Trump, & Videos

Wow, Cyndi. Boring ass tri-title blog post update today. Sounding super business major as per usual, but what can I say?


I’m feeling super productive today, so productive I want to jump up and throw a fist in the air right now. Despite me being very clumsy, and the chances of me falling and dying are very high. Very.

I finished all of my homework for today, and even woke up at 8 to go to work. I worked a shift, did homework for tomorrow, showered, and even had to eat in between. Very rarely does my life allow me to do so many things efficiently like this, so when my productivity rises I make sure that I get a whole lot of shit done when I’m in the mindset. I EVEN GOT TO EAT TODAY, which is typically unheard of for me. Since I mainly live off of caffeine and chips these days, due to my busy schedules.¬†So since I was having such a productivity spurt, I decided to brainstorm blog ideas for more content. I think this blog really really helps me play out my marketing skills that I’m learning in class. -finger guns-

Speaking of class, I’m currently in my African American History class. My professor’s jokes don’t really land, but that’s okay. He’s also on the other side of the sentimental spectrum from me. Listening to love songs in class and all -twitches-.


Now usually, I don’t listen in class because really all he does is write chunks of notes on the board that stresses me out because it’s a lot of words at once to look it. It’s visually stressful. But today, we are talking about something that is something that has been bothering me since the inauguration.

It’s quite obvious that I despise Donald Trump, and refuse to call him a President. Much less mine. I am usually very quiet about my political beliefs because I think that there needs to be different opinions and beliefs for a conversation to progress. However, when the conversation silences people, divides the country, and negatively impacts innocent people is when it should be addressed. Donald Trump is a sexist, racist, uneducated, and unsettling white man.

You might call me immature, and “mean” or “disrespectful” for saying that. But why is it then okay for him to call people “terrorists”, “dangerous”, or “criminals” for doing nothing but practicing their religion or disagreeing with him? Is it because he’s a man and his opinion overpowers mine, or is it because he’s a good business man? Cause heck if I knew that being a good business person was going to bag me a job as president, I should have rethought my career path.

Wait what?

You can’t just be a president if you want to do it? You have to care about the United States, and its citizens, their rights, their economy?


Is he aware that citizens don’t just include white men, or white women, but every gender, every sexual orientation, every person of every skin color? Is he aware that there are more people that live in this country than just rich white people like himself? Is he aware that his influence, and his supporters oppress people’s voices? The ones that we have fought so hard to get.

A voice.

Something that is given to us, so that we can speak but so many of us are afraid to speak. We were afraid to speak about simple experiences such as equal pay, loving somebody, or not agreeing with a topic because of the system that was created by America is unfair to people who are not white people. We were afraid to speak because the system believed that white people were a community that is exclusive that their lives were something that we couldn’t experience, it was made to keep us categorized. It’s almost hierarchal, white people set the standard. High/middle class, suburban neighborhoods, good cops, good education. And we are stuck in inner cities, as Mr. Trump puts it “inner cities filled with gangs that are dangerous”, put into public schools with little to no funding, to be bullied and isolated by cops, to only be accepted into colleges only because of quotas that universities have.

And when we thought we finally were progressing, more and more of us were speaking out and progress was being made for us to reach where white people have been. Our voices were being heard for once, and understood. But Mr. Trump wants to “Make America Great Again” When was America great? It’s always been great for white people, who have had all the resources and benefited from the system they had created. You mean before, back in the day when white people were really more well off than people of color. You mean when everything was all Mr. & Mrs. and white people had a guaranteed future while people of color became slaves to survive or were neglected by the American government. You mean in the fifties when we were all trying to pretend everything was fine but secretly was scared of a nuclear attack at any minute. So you want to silence us again because we are finally getting the same opportunities, the same pay, and the same rights as you. Human rights? That every human being, a person who has opinions, a person who has a voice, a person who has a mind of their own, a heart should have. Because if we don’t have human rights what does that make us?

The fact that Donald Trump is not only ignoring the people that are escaping war, and only refer to inner cities as gang affiliated areas. Are you not aware that the people escaping war are coming to us for a reason that America is supposed to be a land of promise, wealth, and dreams? That everyone wants to be an American because we are looked up to and respected, but instead of being courteous and empathetic, you cast them away dying women, children, human beings just like us because of their religious beliefs. But then in return want everyone to accept your ideals like it’s perfect. It’s embarrassing, that I as an American citizen am associated with this man.

A man who has said he wanted to grab women by the pussy, and called it locker room talk. A man who has done nothing to stand up for my rights, or the rights of any person of color. A man who says he will give jobs back to Americans back from the immigrants but doesn’t realize that because of racism every single person of color is considered an immigrant whether or not they are illegal or legal.

A man who only prevented countries in which his business isn’t located from entering the country.

I refuse to call him my president, a president. He’s merely a stupid white man who was chosen by people desperate for a change in an uncomfortable change our society is going through, a change in the economy, people who just want a happy change that will only benefit them. Well good job, you did it! You a white person will succeed, while millions of people of color will again be silence, women will continuously be sexually harassed.

Also just going to add that you think that by defunding planned parenthood you’re going to stop abortion, nope. There will still be abortions they just won’t be safe or legal, and will lead to many infections and safety issues among the population. And not to mention overpopulated adoption places. Those are actual babies, Mr. Trump, not embryos, that will be homeless, living without resources, love, or attention. If you can love an embryo not yet born, why can’t you love and adopt children who are abandoned by families who can’t take care of them? Are you going to personally help those children get an education? How about feeding them? Or buying them toys and clothes?

Ugh. As you can see, I’m very irritated, but you know whatever. It’s not like my voice matters, and will matter in the next four years as an Asian woman. -slow claps- America, don’t you love it (sarcasm).

Moving on, I’m out of class now and sitting at the library writing this. It’s super quiet, and here I am furiously typing away. My productivity never fails to amaze me. Have ya’ll watched my BTS dating game yet? I’m pretty proud of it, despite the one dislike I have on the video -peeved- CRITICISM WHY MUST YOU FOLLOW ME LIKE THE PLAGUE?! (because it’s life, cindy) well.

Anyways, you should check it out because I’m working on a smut version of it. -nudge nudge wink wink- with the help of Emmy & Sammi. We’re gonna work on my youtube channel together, with reactions, ranking videos, and all. It’s going to be super fun. I’m so excited, maybe even a dance cover here or there. In which I’ll break a hip trying to do but whatever, we all live. In the wise words of a Julio Villegas, what is life without whimsy.

BUT ANYWAYS, amidst my productivity I have created a little blog schedule for ya’ll! Which I’ll try to keep up. I’ll continue with the life updates, because really it’s just me ranting to make myself feel better. A blog is really good for anxiety, it lets you pour out all your emotions and thoughts into a place where you can organize them and they come and go.

So Monday is going to be Monday Music/Melodies, where I just make playlists for you for whatever mood I’m in. It’ll be both kpop and not, depending on the day really. I’ll also post album reviews occasionally for Mondays.

Tuesdays are going to be ¬†Tuesday Toons, which will be me talking endlessly about anime and cartoons because they are a big part of my life. To be completely honest. I’ll be doing recommendations, to character appreciation, to youtube videos with cool animation. It’ll be super cool, I promise. Pinky swear. -holds out pinky-

Wednesday is going to be mostly me not posting because I’m going to try and give myself a break period so I don’t die. But if I do more updates it would probably be weekly updates, and will be posted on Wednesday unless something dramatic (which is my life) happens on another day then yeah.

Thursday is going to also be a break day.

Friday is going to be Fan Fiction (FF) Friday! Which is going to be fic recs, which is going to be easier than a giant fan fiction list that I have to make all in one. Since I’m reading like a hundred, to be completely honest. It’s an obsession.

Saturday is going to be challenges (which I will post either all in one post, or once a week because as you can see I can’t do one a day because I’m a weenie).

Sunday is going to be Drama/Variety Show recommendations! Which are going to be super interesting, and will give me an excuse to watch more dramas -cough- binge -cough-.

So much content right?! -screams-

BUT I CAN DO IT. -claps-

Okay. Until next time! -waves- Good vibes, and also join me when I move to South Korea in two years. Tbh.






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