Monday Music – STUDY OSTs

Maybe Mondays are my productivity days, because once again I got a lot done today! I finished so much of my work. So again here’s a couple of playlists to study to, this time they’re OSTs. -slow and ugly wink-


I only listen to three OSTs when I study, also film scores work very well. But here are the three OSTs that I listen to every time I study.

Descendants of The Sun because it’s emotional and makes me cry, which is something I guess I have to feel when doing my homework to make me concentrate and get things done.

MOON LOVERS WAS SUCH A GOOD SOUNDTRACK. It also makes me emotional but in the best way possible. Between this and the DOTs OST, I’m dead. Listening to it and putting yourself into the song, makes me feel so content.

Well I don’t know if I wanted to be in Moon Lovers tbh, that seems to dangerous for my liking. But if I don’t die, I think it’ll be fun… ish. Not really.

BUT ANYWAYS, those are the songs I recommend for study playlists. ❤


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