Tuesday Toons – Bee & Puppycat

It’s Tuesday -sings-, just kidding I’m not that happy. Nearly having a panic attack before a presentation is not the funnest experience. BUT I have a Tuesday Toons post for you all today, it’s a short clip, not too long. And it’s super interesting especially if you love the animation of adventure time especially.

I relate so much to Bee, like she is me. We are the same person, we kind of act the same except she’s a bit more brave than I am. It’s great having a character I relate so much to, and come to think of it, the friend that introduced me to kpop introduced me to this. But this clip leaves me wondering what is the story behind puppy cat, although it looks obvious I WANT TO KNOW -cries-

But yeah check it out! You’ll love it, it’s kind of weird and it’s super funny/cute. Just like myself -winks-


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