you go into an existential crisis.


& when I say that life is giving me lemons, I literally mean life is squeezing lemon juice into my eyes and laughing at my feeble existence. I haven’t been updating but this time I have a darn excellent excuse for it. You ready for it?

I AM A VICTIM OF LARCENY, let me tell you. My stupid self went to Panera after class on Thursday and while on the phone, left my backpack behind me and forgot about it when going to grab my food. And once I looked back and remembered about it, IT WAS GONE. Along with my laptop, my lion folder (with my rented textbook chapters in them -sobs) AND MY PLANNER. My whole life disappearing before my eyes, like nothing but mere dust in the wind. -weeps hysterically and falls dramatically to my knees-

And along with that I lost my school ID, I have a new one now. But for the two days, Thursday and Friday, that I was ID-less not only was my entire life, plans, goals, homework, and memories gone. I WAS ALSO IDENTITY-LESS.  WHO WAS I FOR TWO DAYS MERELY A NAME ON A PIECE OF PAPER.

Playing the waiting game (and I still am) as the police department of both my college and the city try to find this scum bag that stole my laptop. IF YOU’RE READING THIS -slams fist down- I HOPE YOU KNOW YOU ALMOST DESTROYED THIS STUDENT’S LIFE DURING MIDTERMS, I’m just a struggling student barely able to pay through college. And you know my KCON videos were on there, my EXO  concert videos, my fan fiction -bursts into tears again- WHY LIFE WHY. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?!

Anywho, on the positive side. Without my laptop, I’ve become less technology dependent (although I still cry and feel lost often). I went dancing today, in the Paramount studios that my school owns. I figured hey as long as I go here, why not make use of my benefits now?! I can learn kpop dances, and get rid of stress for a couple of hours.

Here’s a clip of myself making a fool out of myself:

Me trying to be Chan but failing, as you can see.

Short post, but just a quick update letting ya’ll know I’m not dead!

For now good vibes! See you all later! Hopefully soon! ❤


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