COUNTDOWN, Hot Mess, & Chanyeol (As Always)

LONG TIME NO WRITE GUYS! I’m back (again), it seems like I go on frequent vacations. -thumbs up- Well the last one wasn’t a vacation, more like a horrifying experience.


It’s been forever! I miss you all, oh my god. Thanks to everyone that still visits my blog even though I’m so bad at updating, especially recently. You see, Mid Terms were just a thing. Like a really big thing, and what with me being completely broke and trying to figure out where to live for next year. I wanted to write down all of my thoughts, but sadly I could not due to my lack of a laptop. BUT HAVE NO FEAR! My new child is here! My new laptop, with a pink case and everything! Things are sort of looking up, sort of, knock on air because never know. BUT YES.

So firstly I got this new laptop, which is exactly the same as my old one except without all of my shit on it. So sadly yes, that’s gone. But on the bright side, I have a fresh new memory thing, the batter seems to last a lot longer than my old one and I get to start over with my stickers on my laptop! Not that my old stickers weren’t like the shit (CAUSE THEY WERE, I MISS YOU FLOATING JIMIN FLOWER CROWN HEAD). But now I can really get an aesthetic and more shit on there that works with my ever changing personality… ALSO DID YOU ALL KNOW? I don’t remember if I updated you all on this, but the low life who stole my laptop. THE VERY PERSON WHO DID IT. HAD THE AUDACITY. -deep breath- to mail me back my school ID like three days after I PANICKED. -glares at screen- fljeiofjeiojfeofj YOU SIR IF YOU ARE AGAIN READING THIS CAN GO SUCK YOURSELF.


ANYWAYS, so yeah I’m still broke nothing has changed really. I’m still at the same job which I will stop mentioning because I realized just recently it might be against my code of conduct to be honest. And I need this job despite how much I really don’t want to be there 78% of the time. -shifts eyes- So yeah, I obviously didn’t make enough money for this dream apartment with my suite mates yet. So my aunt, a concerned cosigner,  with what I hope to be good intentions, offered me her place to stay at for free for my junior year. Which I was like iffy at first, because it was really sad since I really wanted to be independent and live with my friends. But then she said that I could spend the entire year saving while staying with her, and that added to the fact I’ll be living with my dear cousin whom is like a cousin to me? Sounds pretty good to me. The only downfall is that I have no creativity with the guest room I’m staying in but, the EXO/BTS/HYUNA posters can be stored away for a better and more wealthy year I guess. -slow buy pained wink-

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I started scrapbooking idols! So far I know I’m going to make a Chanyeol scrapbook, but I’m unsure about if I want to make one for VMIN. (I’m probably going to anyways, to be completely honest). Because VMIN is so precious, and both Tae & Jimin in their own regards is so soft. So soft. -cries in princess- (my new favorite phrase btw). So Chanyeol, VMIN, and possibly and it might not happen because I don’t know how many photo cards I can find of Hyuna. But I’ll get there. It might be a joint QUEEN notebook, and I’ll throw IU in there too. Who knows. Who knows.

I’m thinking of Youtube-ing more often, until I reach enough viewers so I can make money off of ads quite possibly. As per usual the goal is to receive sponsorship items, cries. PLEASE LOVE ME FOR THAT DREAM TO BECOME A REALITY. -sobs- Anyways, yeah. More ambitions, that hasn’t changed about me. Tis still an ongoing personality strength (weakness?).

I’m currently sitting upon the floor of my suitemate Julio’s room as he plays chill music. I mean really I could be doing homework but why would I do that? -cheerful but desperate laugh- I feel super tired, but that could be because I didn’t sleep till 5 this morning and woke up at 1. -strokes imaginary beard- why you ask? I wish I knew. It was that type of lack of sleep where your eyes are burning, and its swollen and you’re practically exuding tears, but you still can’t sleep. Then your body starts throwing obstacles at you like sweating, and making your entire body itchy. I’m in pain just thinking about it. -clenches fist Arthur style- That added to the fact that my work schedule is once again glitching, and I feel bad calling out but I have class. UGH MY LIFE.

But really things are very very very slowly looking up, working in retail is slowly getting easier to bear. Knock on air, tbh.




HAVE -claps- YOU -claps- ALL -claps- SEEN -claps- CHANYEOL -claps-




-passes out- JUST LOOK HOW GOOD HE LOOKS. I cry.

Also ya girl splurged and also is now going to see EXO on that fucking TUESDAY that they’re gonna be in Newark. NO REGRETS. It’s lit, I’m excited. I GET TO SEE MY NOODLE! UP CLOSE AGAIN. -cries-

Also speaking of concerts, D-4! THAT’S RIGHT THIS ISN’T A DRILL. FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL I’M BREATHING IN THE SAME ROOM AS BTS. I’m not crazy I promise I promise. -breathes-


For now, that’s it for the update.

GOOD VIBES ALL AROUND! -finger heart-








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