Did the caps stress you out? Yeah? Same.
But that’s okay, because I’m already stressed. -dramatic tears-


That’s right, this is a mini update but a de-stress list. The one I’ve been promising ya’ll but mostly myself, as I slip into a bottomless pit of suffering. Yes, that’s right. FINALS ARE HERE. And it’s blinding me of all the positive things that are happening in my life, like the EXO concert which is in six days. Which should make me excited but instead is stressing me out. BECAUSE IT’S IN SIX DAYS SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FINALS. -weeps-

Yup, I’m back to weeping. But have no fear, Cindy, and anyone who is stressed out who might be reading this. Hopefully after writing this, and exploring everything that distresses me while you watch some awesome videos, and see some aesthetic photos. The bottomless pit won’t be so bottomless, and you’ll be able to see the light at the top. WE CAN CLIMB OUR WAYS FROM THE BOTTOM.

First to get rid of your stress, for me at least, write down all of your immediate stresses. Right now, I’m stressed about mainly finals but also work too. Well no, not really. It’s one of those cases where because I’m stressed about finals, I’m stressed at work as a result. It’s a bad habit to bring your personal life into your work, but I’m the only one who ever gets “reminded” for doing that so. Oops. -shifts eyes- AHEM.

Anywho, I had a test today in African American history the class I am currently sitting in writing this blogpost. I think I passed, but usually when I think that I probably failed. With a 76 on the business test I got back today to remind me that usually when I’m confident in my abilities, I’m usually wrong. Maybe my brain shuts down and just goes, “whatever sounds right, that makes sense, why not?”

Due tomorrow I have a dance presentation, and I have a marketing exam which I haven’t studied for. The dance presentation is supposed to be 10 minutes long, and I have really bad stage fright.

…. -panics-

Then on Saturday I have makeup work for my Marketing Class, and then on Monday I have a group presentation for my business class that is so important that it was actually assigned to us at the beginning of the semester. And then the EXO concert, before I have a group presentation for marketing. That includes a powerpoint and twenty page essay, yup. TWENTY. APA format. Ah but in addition to that I have a book report for African American History, based on a book that I have yet to choose and read. I don’t even know when it’s due. Oops. Then I have another seven page essay for my marketing class, (he’s a frustrating prof, I know). And to end it all off, I have a business exam to close my semester.

AND IN ADDITION TO THAT, I high key texted my manager saying I need some shifts off to prepare for finals. In which she read, ignored, and now I have a twenty hour week next week. Followed by a nineteen hour weeks, which is more than double the times I was originally schedule for the last time I tried to quit. -twitch-

BUT. You see? Listing it all out like that? Made it seem like it wasn’t much, just a few boxes to check off, and it will be checked off because I am confident in myself enough to not give up or “screw” my grades over. Also I won’t quit (coughyetcough) until I find another internship or job that will pay for my slightly bougie lifestyle. -thumbs up- Basically what I’m saying is that life sucks, but you got to live through it since dying is not an option and the sooner you face it the sooner it’s over. -slams fist on desk- (metaphorically because if I actually did that, my prof would be like wtf)

BUT ANYWAYS, onto the fun part!

De-Stressing Time!

#1: Art

Art makes me happy, I know it’s not for everyone. But I love staring at it, and letting myself break away from my usual analytical thoughts and just enjoy a painting or drawing. How do the colors look? Is it soft? Is it intense? How do I feel with the aura of this painting. As much fun for as it is to stare at paintings and spend hours at an art museum, not everyone loves the stuffy art museums as much as I do. But creating art is something different that I do to destress also, even if you’re not the best artist or anything like that. Just draw, someone, something, maybe the world around you. Creating something that is just so you, without judging yourself or having anyone else judge your work. Even painting one of those abstract or contemporary art pieces you hate to admit are cool. Channel your energy into that artistic vision, and sometimes you might surprise yourself with what the finish product is. Focusing your energy on something without thinking of other things, can result in magical images. Or think of it this way you stuck it through and finished something, you your mind to it and completed the task at hand! Another check off of the list! You can do it!

#2: Dance

(I’M OBSESSED, it makes me so happy and want to dance -weeps-)

I can’t dance. I’ll be the first one to admit it, I wish I can dance. And I’m trying really hard. But it’s just not happening at the moment, but does that stop me? No. Blast music super loud, I’m lucky enough to go to an art school to have a studio, but even if you don’t lock yourself in your room and blast music. Whatever song you want, and just dance. Without thinking about what you might look like, or what others might think, or what if this or that. Instead picture yourself at your own concert, or in front of a group of close friends. Lip sync to the song, and dance your heart out. If you’re badass (cough stupid) like me, dance in the shower like this. (caution falling might occur). I put on Kpop songs, and obviously I can’t compare to any idols dancing but just doing the few steps I know and then improvising through the songs is enough. Dancing with friends is super fun, as they’ll show you dance moves you don’t know and same vice versa.

#3: Read/Write

This one is pretty helpful actually, what other way to get rid of your thoughts and the stress in reality than putting yourself into a different world? RIGHT? Every book, and every thing that you write is a whole new world. Whether it be from your imagination, or a fan fictional world that doesn’t exist. Your problems that you face or the stress you’re in does not have to be in the equation anymore, and you can take yourself on an adventure or journey to a different world. You’re in control. That’s why I write/read, it leads to day dreaming of a better place. A visual of a happier moment or setting, and it doesn’t have to be unreachable. As long as you can think it, and let yourself be swept away by the visual then you’re already there.

#4: Cartoons!

YES, WHEN ALL STRESS IS PILING UP ON YOU. BECOME A CHILD. MY GO TO FOR EVERYTHING. I might as well revert back to my little kid self, I get super clingy. I start to watch cartoons, and like not even the adult ones. Like Pokemon, and anime. Skipping over most of the sad/angst parts unless its super relevant to the overall plot line. I finished bingeing Pokemon XY&Z & Fairy Tail in the past month, and there’s no stopping me from bingeing more things. I JUST WANT THE THIRD SEASON OF FAIRY TAIL -cries- I EVEN STARTED BORUTO.-crazy anime fan girl attack-

#5: Nap


Anyways, NAPS. Naps are magical. There’s nothing more to it, if you’re in a time crunch, try just lying in your bed without thinking but just letting the soft mattress of the cool pillowcase comfort you. Thirty minute naps are normal people’s power naps which is cool too. BUT ME? Nope. I need an hour and thirty minutes, that’s right a full rem cycle. If not one and a half then three hours. Two rem cycles. I’m extra, but it’s been working for me swellingly. -shrugs- Just sleep, it’s not like you’ll do the work while you’re worrying about doing the work, hence not doing it. So just sleep and wake up, in a more focused mood to do it.

#6: Indulge

INDULGE IN YOUR SELF. Whether it be shopping or like me, FOOD. Do it. Buy those Five Guys, Mcdonalds, Burger King, griddles, etc. EAT ALL THE GREASY FOOD. Buy yourself a bougie Starbucks frappe. Get that giant bag of chocolate! That’s right! Stuff yourself, I stress eat so it’s really ridiculous for me. I snack while I study, and I eat a lot before and after starting and finishing my homework. My caffeine intake is also pretty awful, but that’s a different story. Treat yourself (as much as your bank account can handle), and do something nice for yourself. Because you deserve it, money is made to be used, not in large excesses unless you can afford it. But one Starbucks that’ll make you smile won’t hurt, especially when life’s kicking you in the ass. Take advantage of life’s material items.  Wow I sound materialistic but trust me, tea and cookies will do you justice during finals.

#7: Music

Like dancing, blast music! This time maybe with headphones on. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I focus better with music on, and I fall asleep to music pretty easy no matter what genre. So just lie down in your bed or go for a safe walk, and put in your headphones. Blast on your favorite jams, maybe have a playlist going to fit your mood, and blast it while singing along quietly. Music not only distracts you, but gets you in a happy mood. I’m not sure why, but for me it always gets me going. Block out the world, focus on the lyrics, the melody, and read the notes in front of you to a certain beat. Then hum the beat to yourself quietly when taking that test, or writing that essay. Try it!

#8: Game

Yes. GAME. But not for too long, do this only when you have a lot of time to relax. Because let’s be honest to ourselves here, once we get started gaming there is no stopping, whether it be competitive gaming or just obsessive gaming. I’m the latter of course. I play Ace Attorney (which I’m obsessed with, and refuse to look at walkthroughs so I spend hours trying to deduce and figure things out), and mainly THE SIMS. Sims 4 is the best thing that ever happened in my life. THERE IS NO LIE. But anyways, gaming is really fun. It also distracts you from your responsibility, and I’m a child so I like being a little kid again doing absolutely nothing except having fun and play time. Wow as I’m writing this I’m figuring out a lot of concerning things about my personality. Oops.


#9: Organize

^Has nothing to do with organizing, but doesn’t it look
so neat, functional, and beautiful? -weeps-

I am OCD, so like this should come as no surprise. But no seriously, lists are amazing. It helps me organize everything even if I don’t finish them, it’s like journaling except without the emotions and annoying thoughts. You just write down what you have to do, your goals, bucket list, whatever it is that you like or is thinking about without “I thinks” or “I wants” and then put them into categories. Color coordinate your notes, or I don’t know clean your desk, and make labels for all your folders. Whatever it is, organize some part of your physical environment or thoughts. Because by doing so it helps you regain control in your life, no matter how small, and it’ll stop your brain/body from freaking out and slipping into a meltdown. (Trust me, it isn’t something you’d want to slip into. Dramatic or not.)

#10: Laugh

LASTLY OF COURSE. Laugh, hangout with friends. Or if you’re a lonely loser like myself, watch videos on youtube that make you laugh, or make you happy. Something that makes you laugh out loud, until you’re crying. It’ll help you remember that, yes my life sucks right now, but it’ll pass and that there are better things in life that make life worth living. Despite being stressed, hopefully watching these videos will remind you that somewhere out there, someone is having a great day and that day will soon come to them. Let other people’s happiness flow into yours, and be happy together. I think that positivity goes a long way, and supporting one another or laughing with each other (or at each other cough) will really help you realize the the stress you’re going through is temporary and one day a better time will come. It just takes a bit to get through it, and you’ll be laughing in no time.

Was that cheesy? Oops. I’m sleepy. But in denial about my test tomorrow, but anyways! GOOD VIBES TO ALL OF YOU, good luck on your finals and studying!

Until next time! 🙂



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