[Challenge] Top Ten BTS Songs :)

Hello all! I was scrambling for challenge ideas, and I was like wow I have so many BTS songs that I love. What if I ranked them? AND WELL HERE IT IS. 😀


This was very difficult, like VERY. Like I was listing out all of my favorite songs, and it was a pretty long list. And I had to condense it all down, so I went with the ones I listened to the most and jammed to often.

Then ranked them from 1 to 10, but I also had like honorable mentions. I cry. And I wanted to have five songs, but I couldn’t leave this one song out and so I have six honorable mentions. Oops.

Let’s start from the bottom!

#10: Let Me Know

This song took a bit to grow on me, I always liked it but never paid much attention to it. You know? It was one of those songs that was like yesssss this song is such a bop, but like I never looked into. That is until I did eventually come around to looking into it. And then crying because the vocals are so ijeirjfioerj beautiful. ESPECIALLY THE LIVE VERSION. I don’t want to even start on Jimin’s high note. -weeps- I might or might not have attempted that note more than once. Ahem.

#9: Hold Me Tight

Bless BTS’s live band at their concerts, like seriously they make the already great songs into like this magical experience. BUT YES! Number Nine is Hold Me Tight. Another song that I loved but didn’t put much thought into, until one day I was humming it out of no where. “Can you trust me? Can you trust me?” And I was like the heck? Where did that come from, and then I saw the video of how happy Tae was seeing the fans singing it to them. And I weeped on the inside. Now the song is part my life’s soundtrack when I’m super emotional tbh.

#8: Boyz With Fun

This song. Oh my god. IT WAS THE SUMMER BOP FOR ME. I enjoyed it when it first came out, and could basically sing the whole thing despite not knowing even a bit of Korean. Especially Tae and Hobi’s part tbh. BUT THEN, I SAW IT FROM GA AT KCON. -weeps dramatically- someone take me back to that day pls. It brings me great joy since it’s already so fun sounding, but like it takes me back to KCON and me being so close to them. I’M SO EMOTIONAL. ❤

#7: I Like It (Pt.2)

I’m shook ya’ll, I’ve been in love with this song since I saw a vine of them doing those hip thrusts and was like wth what is this song? And then I went on this goose chasing trying to find the song, only to find out it was on their Japanese album and I was like omg. I PLAYED THIS SONG IN THE GYM. I’m unhealthily obsessed with this song, and its cheesy dance moves. It’s one of the only reasons I pay for Apple Music when I have Spotify. -insert creepy moon emoji-

#6: Cypher 4 (& 3? LOL)

I was at the concert and trust me when I said this. When these three kings rose from the stage, I nearly fainted. THEY ROSE UP IN THEIR BOUGIE ASS FUR COATS/JACKETS. Anyways, never mind that. Okay so I chose Cypher 4, because I listen to it more and the sound of it is more like a chill savage if you know what I mean. Cypher 3 was like a in your face savage. Which I also love. I don’t know. Cypher 4 was like I’m a savage and I know it. While Cypher 3 was like fuck off, you hater. Both of which are great messages (in a blunt type of way). I know the lyrics to both of them pretty well tbh, I listen to them a lot more than I thought I would.




-dramatic sigh- So Cypher 3 & 4 are tied for sixth place, because I’m indecisive. -weeps-

#5: Not Today

Spring Day was a hit also, but Not Today struck me in the face. Like I wasn’t ready. I was like there’s no way Blood Sweat and Tears could be upstaged and shit was I wrong. THIS SONG IS SUCH A JAM. LIKE. If I worked out at all, this would be the song that kept me going. I don’t even know what Kookie says when he says “Chong! Jojun! Balsa!” But hell, I sing along each and every time. I can never skip this song on my playlist, ever. It has to play through the entire song. It feels incomplete if I skip it or press next mid way through the song. Easily one of my favorites.

#4: Converse High

THIS IS AN ICONIC BOP. I just need to hear it once and I’m singing along, and then it’s in my head for the rest of the day. I kid you not, it doesn’t get old. LIKE EVER. This song is another soundtrack of my life kind of song. It’s that song that plays when I’m walking down the sidewalk in a cute outfit. If only I meet a handsome chaebol along the way to work, and somehow end up getting him and a second male lead to fall for me. I’ve been watching too many dramas, my bad. Ahem. BUT THIS SONG. I know every lyric. THIS IS A BOP. And have you heard the Lovers High version? It’s on my video of the week thing right now. Click it, watch it, and fall in love with Kookie’s ad libs in the song. -weeps- (Also when Yoongi says “Lovers, Lovers I really hate Lovers.” LOL.)

#3: 21st Century Girl

THIS SONG. I can’t explain it. I JUST LOVE THIS SONG. The lyrics, the swag, the rap and vocals. Suga & Rap Mon & Kookie shines in this song. I can’t even. This song just makes me wanna dance and sing along. IN FACT, this list screwed up my BTS bias list. Rap Mon and Kookie went up, Tae was pushed down, everything was chaos. It put me in an existential crisis, but in the best way possible. My favorite part of the song is the bridge (my fav part usually is the bridge but like THIS bridge was great). When Jungkook sings everybody wanna love you babe everybody’s going to love you babe -weeps-

#2: Stigma

I knew it. I knew this song was going to be the death of me before it even came out. The short film came out, and Tae hugged that puppy and I heard the tease of this song and I knew that this was going to be my favorite song on the entire album. And I was right. WINGS was basically all bops, but this one was amazing. Tae’s voice is just so amazing, he has such a great vocal range and I can’t even. Out of all the amazing solos, Tae’s song just gets me right in the feels. If you were to ask me randomly out of nowhere to name you a song off of the album in three seconds, I’d say Stigma. It’s just so ugh. It fits with the theme, but like is just beautiful. ❤

#1: Save Me

Honestly. I didn’t think that Save Me would have impacted me like this, but it has. I listen to this song ironically, unironically, when I wanna hear Jimin’s vocals, when I hear Mon’s breakdown, or Hobi’s sound effects, Yoongi’s slow rapping, or Jungkook, Tae, and Jin harmonize. It sounds beautiful, it literally never gets old. This song is one of those songs I can leave on repeat for like 120 times in a row and not notice or get tired of it. Like it’s impossible. This is by far my favorite BTS song, without a doubt.

Honorable Mentions! (In no particular order)

No More Dream




Silver Spoon

Blood Sweat Tears


& That’s my list everyone! I tag SAMMI, if and when she sees this to post it on her blog ❤

Good Vibes to All! And make your own list! ❤



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