Hello Everyone!

My name is Cindy, although I usually spell it as Cyndi, it’s a complicated story why that came to be but you can address me as either or. I’ll respond to both! I am currently a sophomore at Emerson College, well on my way to becoming a marketing major and secretly nursing my dream career as a wedding planner under the rocks.

But that’s really enough about me, I’m sure you’ll find out who I am really in my blog posts. The main topic of my blog is kpop, and I discovered kpop when I was in seventh grade. It was a time when I was well into my “rebel and emo” phase, all black clothing, makeup, hand warmers, and other tragic fashion choices. However when I was introduced to the genre, and the culture that surrounded it. It was like anime culture, it was something that people did not really know about and could only find on Youtube. The first video that I saw was Genie, by Girl’s Generation and from there it opened a door to many other groups.

I then took a break from the fandom, when I entered high school. For two years trying to discover who I was and what I really loved decided to follow the crowd at school and ironically entered into the Justin Bieber fandom, and then the One Direction fandom. I remember obsessing over them day and night, and it felt nice belonging to a fandom and having a large group of people who think the same things you do. However I left the fandom junior year after realizing that I did not love them as much as many others did. I liked them, and their music but them as people just did not really connect with me.

And so I dropped out of Fandom culture in general for a few months. Until my friend pulled me aside and showed me an episode of Running Man, describing how hilarious it was. I remember being, “Ha, it’s kind of weird but I don’t think it’s that funny.” But then I found myself binge watching the whole thing from the first episode. Falling in love with every single character, attempting to do every stupid challenge despite how un-athletic I was.

And then.

EXO entered my life.

The same friend then showed me this group that debut last year, and I only heard of them here and there without really knowing who they were. And she showed me their newest song, Growl. I watched the whole thing trying hard to critically analyze it not wanting to jump on another bandwagon. Only to realize that the song itself was super catchy, and despite me not being able to say any of the words. I hummed and belched random lyrics anyways. This friend then told me to choose a bias (a favorite member of the group) after pointing at her own favorite, Kris (the irony). Immediately I was drawn to the one member who only showed up close up on screen at 3 minutes and one second into the video, the adorable beagle looking rapper who’s voice does not match with his face.

Now. He is my noodle and my source of happiness (wow, that was so cheesy I almost puked). Park Chanyeol is my noodle, and who I support wholeheartedly. And EXO is the group that opened up that door for Kpop for me once again, and in came the new groups that have taken over the hallyu wave. Compared to SNSD, 2ne1, and Big Bang, the new groups bring a mixture of American pop music and new choreographies to accompany the songs.

And here I am sharing it with all of the people who might be reading this, this is really long, I’m really sorry. But hey now you know. 🙂